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Naxos, Greece The Best Of Venice

If you believe Venetian palaces may only be found in Italy, then you’d better pay a visit to the island of Naxos where they can be found at every step. You may even catch a glimpse of several Venetian palaces in the videos dedicated to the island’s rich historical past.

Naxos is a picturesque piece of land with emerald green meadows and breathtaking mountain gorges. Rumor has it that Zeus The Thunderer spent his childhood on one of the island’s mountains.

There are a lot of places of both historical and architectural value on the island. For example, the famous Apollo’s Temple that now lies in ruins. Its walls were used as a quarry for building of the Venetian Castro in Naxos Town, so now the fragmented base and a huge marble gate are all the remains of the once beautiful Temple.

Thousands of tourists from all over the world flock to Naxos in order to see the famous “Kouroi”, that is to say unfinished statues of young men left lying on the ground. The most impressive among them is the 33-foot-tall Kouros of Dionysus. It is perched on the top of a mountain in a marble quarry.

The beaches of Naxos will satisfy even the most demanding visitors. Crystal clear sea water, soft sands with little to no shells… Breathe in the scent of freedom and joy: the time has come to live your life to its fullest!


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Photo shoots in the country of Greece (40)

A beautifull and simple Wedding day at Samothraki island
Greece, May 2018
In Greece, you may know Santorini for the summer sunset but you are lucky you may also know for another island Samothraki. This is the island with the best energy in Greece. It is full of waterfalls and small forests and a perfect sunset also!
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Thasos 2018 a weddinf in white dust
Greece, September 2018
This Wedding came to me through a local wedding planner "Greecewedding" . The couple (Sorina & Constantine) was from Moldavia and the choose a northern Greek island "Thasos" in order to live their perfect day.
Our day started at their hotel...
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Agreco Farm Wedding
Greece, September 2018
It was amaizing Traditional Greek Farm near Rethimno of Crete Iseland and amaizing wedding of so lovely couple.
Agreco is a perfect venue in Crete on a hilltop, offering magical views & very picturesque scenery ideal for celebrations and weddings...
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Greece Wedding Photography
Greece, June 2018
Bride's morning....
The Beauty of a pregnant bride surpasses the charm of each bride !!!
Our beautiful bride Alina from New York is at the most special period of her life... She is geeting ready for the mariage and waitng for a child!!!
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Video in the country of Greece (6)

"Dream Wedding in Santorini" Anastasia & Matvey // Santorini, Greece
Greece, June 2017
Sea, fantastic island and only together they! Love is given to them by someone over ... It's a gift of fate, this is a dream, which became for them the present…
We offer you video filming! You can find our portfolio and feedback about our work on...
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the art of telling stories
Greece, March 2017
"the art of telling stories"
I love stories.
I have always been attracted by them. Through them I have discovered traditions, cultures and different ways of living and being. They have taught me the behind every person there is always a hidden...
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Wedding in Greece
Greece, May 2016
A Beautiful wedding on Greek island
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Santorini Viktoria & Danik
Greece, Jule 2015
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