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Peloponnesus, Greece. Olympian Persistence And Spartan Discipline

Peloponnesus is not just another Greek island paradise; it is one of a few places where you can put your mind, body and soul at rest and just live. The very atmosphere of the peninsula is that of piece and tranquility that seem to soak right into your heart, leaving no room for troubles and worries. Landscapes of incomparable beauty, azure sea waves lapping at the golden sand shores, hospitable folk, benign climate… Peloponnesus has much to offer to those who step on its land.


Few people know that the official "birthplace" of the Olympic Games is at Olympia located on the western side of Peloponnesus. Or the fact that the Spartans whose lifestyle is considered as an example to emulate, once lived on this very peninsula. Even less people know that all those spa and beauty salons women all over the world so adore, work on the same principle as the thermal baths of the ancient city of Corinth. Peloponnesus readily reveals its secrets to those who are willing to learn them. Just as it reveals the splendor of the Ancient Theatre in Epidaurus to numerous sight-seekers and photo-hunters.

Peloponnesus is famous for its delicious cuisine, exquisite wines, silverware, ceramics, goldware and supreme quality olive oil. No wonder, the Olive Leaf is as much a symbol of the peninsula as the Maple Leaf—of Canada. Take a bottle of olive oil home with you, and let its healing properties weave their magic upon you.


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Stylist Julia
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Photographer Christos Pap
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Walk and photoshoot with two beautiful girls on the Greek Islands of Mykonos and Santorini. Santorini is a very gentle and affectionate island, island romance and a wedding celebration. Mykonos, on the contrary, the island has never sleeps....
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Wedding in Santorini
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Bohemian wedding in Greece
Your wedding day is absolutely unique, full of feelings, senses and perfect moments. My role is to capture these wonderful memories and feelings so that they live on well after the actual day. When you look back over...
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Lysanne and Robin from Netherland choices Elafonissi Beach for the wedding. It was so sexy and beautifull couple I have ever seen before!!!
The wedding atmosphere and greek flavors was everywhere at this day!
Elafonissi is a tiny island...
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"the art of telling stories"
I love stories.
I have always been attracted by them. Through them I have discovered traditions, cultures and different ways of living and being. They have taught me the behind every person there is always a hidden...
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