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Climate & Weather


Most people think that the weather in Greece is almost the same throughout the year, though it’s not quite true, so if you dream of lazing in the sun on one of the highly praised Greek beaches or long to take pictures of the numerous churches and white painted Greek houses, then choose the time of your visit carefully.

The period from October to April is considered low season, and only those who are desperately seeking out some sunshine and warmth dare visit the country at that time of the year. The best time to pay a visit to Greece is from June through September. However, those who visit the country in July may find it difficult to indulge in open air activities due to the extremely hot weather. Even the locals seek refuge from the blazing July sun, so think twice before you schedule your trip for that particular month.

The water temperature in June rarely exceeds 22 °C, so if you plan to spend the bulk of your time swimming in the sea, than you’d better wait till August. When packing for your Greek vacation, be sure to leave some space for warm clothes. The weather in Greece is treacherous, and a jacket or a sweater will definitely come in handy if you decide to pay a visit to one of the local late night eateries.  


Tourists & Hotel Prices


The cost of accommodation at a Greek hotel is rather high in summer. Most hotels, beaches, streets and popular places of interest are crowded with tourists. If you don’t want to join them, you may schedule your visit to Greece for autumn or spring when nothing and no one will hamper your exploration of the country.



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Greece, January 2018
Greece Destination Wedding Photographer that following your Wedding Dream!!!
Whole ( 8-10 hours ) Day Wedding Photoshoot and Ariel shoots Packages are available at Santorini, Mykonos, Milos, Crete, Paros, Zakinthos and wherever you...
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Greece, June 2017
Walk and photoshoot with two beautiful girls on the Greek Islands of Mykonos and Santorini. Santorini is a very gentle and affectionate island, island romance and a wedding celebration. Mykonos, on the contrary, the island has never sleeps....
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Wedding in Santorini
Greece, September 2017
This beautiful Kirill & Katerina wedding took place in Santorini on the 17th of September'17. On the unique island of Greece. I was very pleased to be a photographer for this wonderful couple. The tenderness, charm and big love was floating in...
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Wedding in Santorini
Greece, October 2017
Bohemian wedding in Greece
Your wedding day is absolutely unique, full of feelings, senses and perfect moments. My role is to capture these wonderful memories and feelings so that they live on well after the actual day. When you look back over...
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Video in the country of Greece (5)

the art of telling stories
Greece, March 2017
"the art of telling stories"
I love stories.
I have always been attracted by them. Through them I have discovered traditions, cultures and different ways of living and being. They have taught me the behind every person there is always a hidden...
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Wedding in Greece
Greece, May 2016
A Beautiful wedding on Greek island
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Santorini Viktoria & Danik
Greece, Jule 2015
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Greece, March 2016
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