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This is a directory of the best photographers in Santorini. You no longer have to browse through hundreds of forums and websites, contact each professional, and ask for pricing. We have prepared a selection of photographers, videographers, make-up artists, and wedding planners in this area. Simply choose the dates of your trip, and get a list of available professionals. The hardest thing we leave for you is to pick the best one, according to their portfolio and pricing. :-) 


Our photographers will help you organize any event and capture these memorable experiences. Whether it is a proposal, a honeymoon, a wedding, an engagement party, an anniversary celebration, a romantic photoshoot during your trip or an individual photoshoot in some of the most spectacular sights and places of the island.  


An average price for services of a professional photographer in Santorini is 200 euros an hour.
On our website you can find both affordable and high-end photographers, whose services start at 2000 euros for the entire day. To get more detailed information and inquire about a final cost of a photoshoot, simply contact a desired professional specifying the dates and the itinerary of your trip as well as the type of a photoshoot you are interested in.  

Santorini does not attract tourists from all over the globe with the mindstriking beauty of the scenery that is quite typical of the rest of the Greek islands. Yes, it is beautiful beyond imagination, but its real attraction lies in the veil of mystery that seems to cover the island, whispering about something straight out of the legends of the lost continent of Atlantis. The very atmosphere of the island is one of romance, affection and heartbreaking intimacy. It’s so easy to forget about the rest of the world here, in the arms of the one you love. The nature itself seems to weave its magic so as to bind the hearts together.

 No words can describe the sheer beauty of the island. Each landscape is a piece of art in itself. Even those who have never drawn a picture in their lives will feel a powerful pull to do just that. And those who like taking photos will definitely appreciate the local landscapes that seem to be created to background pictures. The whole island looks like it’d been created by a magician who has turned the cliffs into magnificent cities with a single wave of a magic wand. Houses, churches and streets are lining up along the winding roads climbing to the top of the cliffs. When you stand in a backyard of a church, all you see is the endless sea in front of you that steals your breath with its beauty. Far in the distance the sea blends into the azure skies, applying the finishing touch to the picture of the island of Santorini.


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Photographer Maria
Photographer (Greece)
from 80$
Photographer Olga Mayskaya
Photographer (Greece)
from 500$
Photographer Albert Buniatyan
Photographer (Greece)
from 500$
Photographer Raifa Slota
Photographer (Greece)
from 150$
Stylist Julia
Stylist (Greece)
from 600$
Photographer Ben Rigas
Photographer (Greece)
from 200$
Photographer Alexander Hadji
Photographer (Greece)
from 500$
Photographer Thanos Rivios
Photographer (Greece)
from 250$
Photographer Vitaliy Uhov
Photographer (Greece)
from 600$
Videographer Olga Borodina
Videographer (Greece)
from 1200$
Wedding planner Katerina Romanova
Wedding planner (Greece)
from 300$
Photographer Laura Barbera
Photographer (Greece)
from 1000$
Photographer Darya Sakalova
Photographer (Greece)
from 600$
Photographer Michael Kouvalis
Photographer (Greece)
from 300$
Photographer Svetlana Stavtceva
Photographer (Greece)
from 800$
Photographer Ioannis Pananakis
Photographer (Greece)
from 300$
Photographer Julia
Photographer (Greece)
from 600$
Photographer Svetlana Ryajentseva
Photographer (Greece)
from 600$
Photographer Marius Dragan
Photographer (Greece)
from 1500$
Photographer Dimosthenis Christopoulos
Photographer (Greece)
from 250$
Photographer Livio Lacurre
Photographer (Greece)
from 2000$

Photo shoots in the country of Santorini (Greece) (1)

Santorini Wedding
Santorini, June 2018
They say, once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.
Larisa and Oleg’s wedding started in Santorini and it was wonderfully written.
This lovely Russian couple from Australia, decided to get married...
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