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Evia, Greece. Unsolved Mysteries of the Gods

Evia is famous for its beaches, thermal springs and picturesque mountains covered with coniferous trees. One can not only “recharge the batteries” there, but significantly improve the state of health as well. Actually, the latter is the main reason so many tourists opt for a vacation in Evia. Who will refuse to spend some time in a land where everything is meant to heal both body and soul?


One of the most popular places of visit in Evia is the Euripus Strait. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that its water currents change direction every few hours. Aristotle himself tried to solve the riddle, but still there is no answer to the question of what is the reason behind the phenomenon. The island has plenty of other places of interest—ancient temples, theatres, mosques and fountains. At the Archaeological Museum one can have a close look at the image of the head of the Gorgon Medusa. And a visit to the Mosaic House will leave you spellbound with the beauty of the intricate ornamental patterns of the floor. First and last, Evia attracts tourists with its beautiful scenery, vast opportunities to improve one’s health and its local charm.


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Photo shoots in the country of Greece (33)

Greece Wedding Photography
Greece, February 2018
One very sensetive and traditional Greek Wedding. Matina and George was married at the cretan church in Chania.
It was a day full a lot of happyness, crying and feelings.
The next day photo shoot was capturing at the Hotel Masion Ottaman in...
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Wedding in Rodhos
Greece, September 2017
Rodhos Island, Greece. One of your favorite weddings, a warm heartfelt day!
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Wedding Photosession in Creete
Greece, October 2017
I really like this photo session, my first trip to the island of Crete, I dream there to shoot again, because Crete from shore to shore is different and it's really very beautiful there. Thank you very much to Alena and Dima, that they invited me....
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Greece Wedding Photography
Greece, January 2018
Greece Destination Wedding Photographer that following your Wedding Dream!!!
Whole ( 8-10 hours ) Day Wedding Photoshoot and Ariel shoots Packages are available at Santorini, Mykonos, Milos, Crete, Paros, Zakinthos and wherever you...
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Video in the country of Greece (6)

"Dream Wedding in Santorini" Anastasia & Matvey // Santorini, Greece
Greece, June 2017
Sea, fantastic island and only together they! Love is given to them by someone over ... It's a gift of fate, this is a dream, which became for them the present…
We offer you video filming! You can find our portfolio and feedback about our work on...
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the art of telling stories
Greece, March 2017
"the art of telling stories"
I love stories.
I have always been attracted by them. Through them I have discovered traditions, cultures and different ways of living and being. They have taught me the behind every person there is always a hidden...
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Wedding in Greece
Greece, May 2016
A Beautiful wedding on Greek island
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Santorini Viktoria & Danik
Greece, Jule 2015
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