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The Best Beaches Within The Ionian Coastline

Article: Victoria Shostak


Blazing sunshine, crystal clear sea water, sandy beaches… Greece is, no doubt, one of the best places to spend summer holidays in. Let’s leave it up to those interested in Greek mythology to explore ancient caves, palaces and ruins. Our destination has nothing to do with exploration of places of historical or architectural value and everything to do with lazing in the sun and getting a good tan. Pack your bags: we’re heading to the beach!


The Beaches Of Kefalonia, Zakynthos And Corfu


There are so many beaches in Greece that it is close to impossible to list them all. The most popular among them are the beaches located on the islands of Corfu, Zakynthos and Kefalonia. One of them has been rated as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. It is the famous Navagio Beach situated on the island of Zakynthos.

There was time when Navagio Beach was regarded as a place not worth traveling to see: cliffs surrounding the area and azure sea did nothing to draw attention of the tourists. In 1980 a freightliner that was smuggling contraband which included cigarettes and wine ran aground right on Navagio Beach. The ship was abandoned, its cargo vanishing into thin air. Now the vessel rests buried in white sands of the Navagio Beach, and thousands of tourists flock to the area in order to see it. When planning a visit to Navagio Bay, keep in mind that it can only be reached by water, so you’ll have to either join a group of tourists with a guide or hire a boat with a captain.

Myrtos, that occupies a fare share of the island’s coastline (0,5 mile), is widely regarded as the most beautiful beach of Kefalonia. Some say its main attraction lies in the breathtaking view of the azure-blue sea and the beach’s soft white sands with little to no shells, while others point out that the view and the sands are nothing compared to the geographically advantageous position: it’s easy to reach the location by car or waterbus. One may even try to reach it on foot following a winding path through the mountains, though it might prove to be a challenge.

On the island of Corfu you may find an exotic beach that takes the breath away with its enchanting beauty. Whenever you see the mysterious caves and grottoes, impressive rocks and boulders of the Paradise Beach, you feel as if it is truly a piece of Paradise on Earth. The beach consists of two parts separated from each other by a cliff. Which one is the best? It is up to you to discover. Unfortunately, the Paradise Beach can only be reached by water, so you’ll have to either visit it as part of a tour group or hire a boat.


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