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Love is, no doubt, the most beautiful and coveted feeling in the world. The key word is feeling, not an accomplishment, as some people tend to view it. Love changes the world we live in, filling us with the expectations of something special, intimate, completely otherworldly to come. Everyone wants to hear the words of love, of proposal in a suitable environment that will make the moment special for those who will share it. Every detail should serve the main purpose—that of creating the atmosphere of magic and intimacy the two will never forget. Sooner or later any relationship based on true love results in wedding—a sacrament that forms an inseparable link between the two loving hearts. The day that kind of ceremony takes place, the two become one. Nothing should spoil the moment, that is why every detail should be taken care of beforehand, with the consideration of the traditions as well as the personal preferences of the future couple.


Greece is one of a few places that can make any dreams come true, especially those concerning wedding. Everything in this country—from its breathtaking scenery and hospitality of the folk to its customs and traditions—provides a wonderful opportunity to bring all the dreams one may have of an ideal wedding to life. Even the cost of the ceremony is nothing but a pleasant kind of shocker for those who choose to share their happiness with the others in Greece. Anyone who opts for a wedding in accordance with local customs and traditions, will definitely appreciate the splendid décor of the church, the intricate flower decorations and the elegance of traditional Greek wedding dresses and suits that are provided at no cost not only to the couple but to their guests as well. It is next to impossible not to fall in love with traditional Greek cuisine. The exquisite taste of the dishes served at the wedding banquet will definitely leave you begging for more.


Be prepared to dance all day and all night long, since a traditional Greek wedding is never the same without dancing. Suffice it to recall the well-known dance of sirtaki! According to one of the local traditions, the couple is showered with bills during the first dance after the ceremony in order to attract fortune and riches. Another tradition prescribes putting a piece of sugar in one of the bride’s gloves. According to the popular belief, it will help her to hold her husband’s attention and love.


We don’t even mention all those Greek wines and sweets that have already conquered the rest of the world. What we do mention is the traditional Greek wedding tart that seems to be baked by the gods themselves—or at least following a recipe offered by one of them. Even if you are not a traditionalist, you will soon find out that no traditions have ever been so pleasant to follow!


Actually, a traditional Greek wedding lasts a week, each day celebrated in accordance with the corresponding customs and traditions. For example, the bridegroom is subjected to a series of tests that he has to pass in order to prove he is worthy of his bride. He is also expected to present generous gifts to the bride and her relatives. All the while the bride prepares for leaving the parents’ house, waiting for the bridegroom to pass through testing and finally claim her as his wife.


As for the traditional Greek wedding dresses and suits, there are no customs or traditions prescribing a definite colour, fabric or fashion. However, one can notice that a typical Greek wedding dress has a high wasteline that connects directly to a long skirt, falling to the ankles in beautiful waves. It’s not uncommon to decorate the fabric with intricate elements of décor or embroidery. A typical Greek wedding dress is made of a light material of different shades of white. It is not uncommon to leave the neck, shoulders and arms bare. The only requirement of the bridegroom’s suit concerns the correspondence of its colour to that of the bride’s dress.


One can definitely find a suitable place for a wedding in Greece, since each available option is charming in its own, unique way. In case of Rhodes, it is the celebration at St. Paul’s Bay that really steals the show. Wedding on Santorini can literally go volcanic, since the ceremony takes place at the edge of the volcano. Crete is one of the most beautiful places to choose from. The island has been attracting couples from all over the world for years due to the hospitality of the folk and the exceptional beauty of the scenery. No less beautiful are the islands of Kos and Agistri that offer an opportunity to celebrate a wedding at sunset, the amazing view transforming the ceremony into some kind of a magic ritual.


No matter what you choose, wedding in Greece is that kind of experience that can definitely shake someone’s world. In a good sense. So feel free to explore the opportunities, and may the gods of Olympus bless you and guide you in your search.


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