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Wedding Ceremony in a Greek Church

What makes wedding in Greece so special? Many would say it is the atmosphere of romance and magic as well as the breathtaking scenery. The happily-ever-after starts with the exchange of the corresponding oaths in front of the altar of a church—a declaration of mutual devotion and acceptance, a way to thank the heavens for being able to find each other in this world. The ceremony binds hearts in a way nothing else can, filling people with such happiness they feel connected to their loved ones on an entirely new plane. As if their very hearts start beating in tune with each other.


The wedding ceremony in a church is an obligatory part of the Greek wedding process as a whole. There are not so many couples who prefer civil ceremony to the one taking part in a church, since traditions run deep in the society.


On the eve of the event the church is decorated with flowers and candles that fill the space with their sweet fragrance. A table is placed in front of the altar where the wedding rings, two glasses of wine, the Bible and stefanos are put. By the way, a stefano is a headband consisting of two rims connected with a ribbon. The church portals are whimsically decorated with flowers and garlands. The guests bring rice which they use at the end of the ceremony. The newlyweds are showered with it in attempts to make their marriage “root”. They say, it protects a couple from a possible divorce as well as ensures pregnancy. It is common practice to finish the ceremony with the wishes of luck, health, wealth and all the other things a newly-formed couple may have need of in the future. The quests congratulate the parents of the bride and the bridegroom as well, each one receiving a bonbonniere (a box of candies) in return. After that the newlyweds, their relatives and guests head to a restaurant for a celebratory dinner.


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Thasos 2018 a weddinf in white dust
Greece, September 2018
This Wedding came to me through a local wedding planner "Greecewedding" . The couple (Sorina & Constantine) was from Moldavia and the choose a northern Greek island "Thasos" in order to live their perfect day.
Our day started at their hotel...
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Agreco Farm Wedding
Greece, September 2018
It was amaizing Traditional Greek Farm near Rethimno of Crete Iseland and amaizing wedding of so lovely couple.
Agreco is a perfect venue in Crete on a hilltop, offering magical views & very picturesque scenery ideal for celebrations and weddings...
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Bride's morning....
The Beauty of a pregnant bride surpasses the charm of each bride !!!
Our beautiful bride Alina from New York is at the most special period of her life... She is geeting ready for the mariage and waitng for a child!!!
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Greece Maternity Session
Greece, May 2018
When Prabbena and Ashout from Sri lanka approached me to photograph a mini portrait session of the two of them, I was so excited because it's one of my favorite kind of sessions.
Of course is a maternity photography, one of the most romantic and...
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