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Crete, Greece. The Labyrinth of Beauty

According to a wide-spread legend, the supreme god and ruler of Olympus, Zeus The Thunderer, was born on the Island of Crete. His mother Rhea bore him in secret and hid away in one of the numerous caves. The goat Amalthea nurtured Zeus as a child to become the greatest and most powerful of the Olympian Gods in Greek mythology. It’s easy to believe that the legend is based on actual events when you visit the temple built in the place of the above mentioned cave.


The island itself is more than a millennium old. It was the cradle of the Minoan civilization during the second millennium BC, the oldest civilization in Europe. However, a sudden volcanic eruption destroyed everything in its path, leaving the land barren and empty. The Achaeans, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Venetians, Turks tried to lay claim to the island. All of them contributed to the development of Crete as well as shaped its culture. At the beginning of the twentieth century the island was claimed by the Greeks and became a part of the country.


Crete is a land of picturesque valleys and mysterious ravines. Its embayed coasts beckon with the promise of rest and relaxation. Mirabello Bay is, no doubt, the most beautiful of all the embayments of the Sea of Crete. It provides a perfect background for a photoshoot, so even if you are just an amateur, be ready to spend some time taking photographs of the surrounding beauty, since it is impossible to leave the place without a few reminders of the paradise on earth you happened to visit.


Each town on the island possesses its own highly distinctive atmosphere. The most stunning among them are the towns of Agios Nikolaos, Hersonissos and Malia. No matter what part of the island you choose to visit, you’ll definitely find a place where you can rest, body and soul.


There are a lot of places of interest on Crete as well. The most popular among them is the Palace of Minos that is as complex in plan as an elaborate labyrinth. One may find its miniature replicas as well as videos revealing the secrets of its past and creation in numerous gift shops. Those who opt for getting in touch with the historical past of the places they visit, will definitely appreciate the opportunity to broaden their knowledge by exploring numerous museums, galleries, objects of architectural value and churches.


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Greece, Jule 2018
Family photosession in Sani Beach, Chalkidiki, Greece
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Greece, Jule 2018
Family photography in Vourvourou, Chalkidiki, Greece.
Wonderful location in Sithonia.
Lonely beach in the morning :)
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A beautifull and simple Wedding day at Samothraki island
Greece, May 2018
In Greece, you may know Santorini for the summer sunset but you are lucky you may also know for another island Samothraki. This is the island with the best energy in Greece. It is full of waterfalls and small forests and a perfect sunset also!
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