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Athens The City of Gods

According to the widespread legend, two gods fought each other for the right to call Athens their personal domain. One of them was the sea god Poseidon and the other—Athena, the goddess of wisdom. In order to decide once and for all who would be the patron of the city, the god and the goddess agreed to make a present for its citizens. The one whose present was considered of the greatest value would be officially claimed as the patron of the city. Poseidon hit a cliff with his trident—and a spring fought its way out of the stones. But its water was pure salt just as the sea water was. Athena threw a spear that transformed into an olive tree. Since the capital of Greece is named after the goddess, it is reasonable to suggest that her gift was considered the one of the greatest value. However, Athens would have definitely lost a significant part of their charm but for the sea that surrounds them. Athens are well-known for their olives, beaches, sea and benign climate. The city is also considered the epitome of freedom and democracy, the place all arts and sciences take origin from.


The architectural legacy of Athens makes a strong impression on those who visit the city for the first time. There are a lot of museums there that possess unique collections of paintings, sculptures, articles of daily use. The city is full of contrasts. Quiet parks are situated side by side with nosy market places as well as gift shops and craft stalls. The Greek craftsmen are considered the best in the world. No wonder, since each one of them puts his very soul in his handiwork, no matter what it is: statuettes, jewellery or intricately decorated pieces of furniture.


If someone tries to describe Athens in one single word, he or she will definitely choose the word “exquisite”.  Everything in this city—buildings, parks, squares—bewitches with the perfection of the forms, inner harmony and cool elegance. The famous Acropolis is the heart of Athens, it is as much a trademark of Greece as Big-Ben is of the United Kingdom or the Eiffel Tower is of France. The Acropolis that nowadays is considered an object of architectural value, once served as a palace for the king Otho of Greece, later it became the place of parliamentary sessions. A visit to the Acropolis is the same as an excursion to the past full of events, heroic deeds and mysteries.


The road to the Acropolis leads to Plaka as well. Plaka is an ancient part of the city where one can get in touch with the very spirit of Greece, its customs and traditions. Even the air here is somewhat special—a mixture of exotic flowers and dark spices. One visit to Greece is enough to fall head over heels in love with this beautiful country.


As you already know, mighty Poseidon gifted Athens with a sea. There are plenty of beaches in Athens that are sometimes called the Athenian Riviera. As for the local taverns and restaurants… Well, the cuisine is truly delicious and will, no doubt here, leave you begging for more. When the sun sets, the nightlife sparks to life. There are plenty of nightclubs and leisure centers in Athens that offer all sorts of entertainment activity.


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Stylist Julia Gelyuk
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Photographer Greece
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Photographer Greece
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Photographer Thanos Rivios
Photographer Greece
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Photographer Livio Lacurre
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Stylist Julia
Stylist Greece
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Photographer AARON DELANEY
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Photographer Anastasia Chatsatourian
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Wedding planner Crete Weddings
Wedding planner Greece
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