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Wedding photoshoot in Lisbon Portugal, Portugal, Yuriy Goliak photographer, #23155 Wedding photoshoot in Lisbon Portugal
Wedding session in Lisbon Portugal. Early moning and sunset light. Perfect couple and beautiful place! I'm available at any place of Europe.
Campaign for ELG, Salzburg, Mike Shapovalov photographer, #21353 Campaign for ELG
Amazing promotional shooting in Austria for the Italian brand of bags and accessories. In the film crew there were 10 people, from stylists, make-up artist, videographer, assistants...
Kate & Ali. Lovestory in Dubai, Dubai, Ali Bseeseh photographer, #19005 Kate & Ali. Lovestory in Dubai
Celebrating love on the 14th of February with lovely couple – Kate & Ali – was an amazing experience. It’s always a great pleasure for me to capture such true and sincere emotions and feelings...

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When travelling around the world we often feel inspired by the many fascinating sights and sounds along the way. We are living in an age where technology allows us to capture images and video instantly with selfie-stick equipped smartphones and consumer grade digital cameras among other things. The results when using this technology can be adequate for many occasions, but would you trust it for capturing a significant event such as your wedding or anniversary abroad? A very important question to consider! Finding a pro wedding or event photographer in an unfamiliar city abroad can be a daunting task to say the least. At Wedgo we pride ourselves in making this daunting task a lot simpler. As we all know, planning a wedding abroad is an enormous task in itself. Wedgo will help you lighten the load by connecting you with a friendly competent pro photographer from our worldwide database. Why not hire a professional who is established in the city, or near the resort where you are planning to have your wedding or celebrate your anniversary? We invite you to read further to find out how it all works..
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Israel Israel
Israel is often called the Promised Land; it’s a home of many nations, cultures and civilizations. It’s a combination of three religions; pilgrimage to this country is considered...
Barbados Barbados
The warm sea, stunning coral reefs, emerald fields and the famous wineries, bright carnivals and lots of places where pirates lived and hid their treasure....
Poland Poland
You will fall in love with this country due to smooth lakes,endless Baltic coasts, marvelous dunes and virid alpine meadows.

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Looking for a photographer in Maldives
I have honeymoon. How much do you charge for photo shoot?
Looking for a photographer in Greece
Hello. We are a same sex couple and I am looking to propose to my girlfriend during our stay in Kefalos, Greece. I would like to propose with a beautiful backdrop with the sea in view. I would...
Kam Bhachu
Looking for a photographer in Egypt
Couple pictures
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
I m looking for a pre wedding shoot with Vedio
Looking for a photographer in Iceland
Hello, my fiancé and I are getting married on October 1st and I'm looking for a great photographer to capture our special day. We're just having a small very intimate wedding. I'd like...
Angelique Genciana
Looking for a photographer in Seychelles
Hi;) we are getting married 11/09/20 in Seychelles LA Digua and we are looking for photographer for ceremony and session on the beach. Something about 2h. Would you lbe interested?...
Aleksandra Kowalczyk
Looking for a photographer in Italy
Hi there, My fiancé and I are looking to have a symbolic ceremony in Lake Garda this fall. I was wondering if I could get a quote. We would only need a couple hours since it would just be the...
Madison Elliott
Looking for a photographer in Malaysia
Nude photography
Looking for a photographer in France
Hello there! Have a few questions about planning photoshoot
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
Hey My Fiancee and I are planning our honeymoon for the Maldives, and would very much like to create a short movie of the experience. Is this something that you could help us with? David...
David Nash
Looking for a photographer in Greece
Looking for 1 hour photoshoot / couple / revealing of pregnancy pictures. 3-5 ready edited pictures, one look. Any day between 3-6. 9. Ocean view.
Jonna Hänninen
Looking for a photographer in Portugal
Hi! My partner and I are coming to the Algarve Coast for our honeymoon and we wanted to do a photoshoot there. How much would that be?
Looking for a photographer in French Polynesia
Hi Hope all is well. I am staying at the Four Seasons Bora Bora from 12/27-1/2. I am interested in hiring a photographer for a 1 hour photo shoot and was curious if you had availability...
Looking for a photographer in Greece
Hi, I’m looking for a videographer for my wedding. We plan on getting married in a villa in Maleme, Crete. Could you please send me some of the packages you offer....
Jade Ho
Looking for a photographer in Seychelles
Hi we will marry on 14th October I’m la digue at 15:30pm And searching for a photographer Can you Tell us your conditions and show some of your work Gamze and Benni...
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
Looking for a honeymoon photographer for maybe 2 hours
Looking for a photographer in United States
I want a professional photographer for my Dad 70th Birthday ceremony coming up on the 26th of sept 2020
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
Hi, just wondering how much you would charge for 1. 5 hrs of photography for an elopement at LUX south Ari Atoll resort? Thanks
Looking for a photographer in Greece
Hi. I am interested in knowing your quote based on per hour of photography service in Milos, which is an island in Greece. I look forward to hearing back from you!...
Yong En
Looking for a photographer in United States
Hello I live in Spokane, Washington. I'm getting married this August and I'd like to know if you are available on the 29th or 30th and what your prices are for a 6 hr wedding. Also, would...
Lilliana Chernikov
Looking for a photographer in Mauritius
Hi. We are in early stages of planning our wedding and just wanting pricing for now. Only 4 hours needed and want photography and video all digital only for our wedding in July 2021 (hopefully)...
Caroline Boucher
Looking for a photographer in Greece
Hi, Can you please let me know prices for a wedding? Thanks, Anastasia
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
I plan to travel to Maldives with my boyfriend. And I’d like to talk with photographer about the style I like. Please contact me ASAP, thank you:)
Duo Chen
Looking for a photographer in France
Bonjour! We will be having an intimate wedding ceremony at Abbaye de Jumièges. We are looking for a photographer who can capture our special moment and the beautiful ruins of the Abbaye....
Mallorie Bailey
Looking for a photographer in Switzerland
we wanted to have a romantic shoot for me and fiance in switzerland. we are looking for a photographer
Claudine Magbago
Looking for a photographer in Netherlands
Wedding photoshoot - Will be coming to Germany/Netherlands/Spain. Flexible with locations. Please text me!
Justine Loh
Looking for a photographer in Egypt
Looking for a photographer in Indonesia
I hope you are well and keeping safe! I would like to enquire about prewedding packages!(prices, location..) Kindest regards, Kitti
Kitti Sochaczki
Looking for a photographer in Mauritius
Good Day My Fiancé and i would love to have a symbolical ceremony on a Mauritius Beach with our immediate family (9). Would it be possible for you to send your wedding planner packages...
Looking for a photographer in Egypt
Good afternoon,   We are looking for a photographer to make a job for us at the valley of the queens.   Its a job for a museum in the canary Islands, Spain.   The job consist in taking a series...
Jon Tejedor Fernández

Destination wedding

A destination wedding or a touch of a dream A destination wedding or a touch of a dream
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the best, the dearest and the greatest day in your life - a day that will join your love and feelings forever! This day is just for you both and it deserves...
A budget destination wedding A budget destination wedding
This article is for you if you are one of those who looks for any economy and cheap variant for a destination wedding!
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