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My Heart Still in Havana | Havana photographer, Havana, Brian Canelles photographer, #23771 My Heart Still in Havana | Havana photographer
🎼 Havana from NRJ Music Awards 2017 🎤 by Camila Cabello Hey Havana, ooh na-na (ayy) Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh-na-na (ayy, ayy) He took me back to East Atlanta, na-na-na Oh,...
Wedding is Santorini, Santorini, Svetlana Stavtceva photographer, #22339 Wedding is Santorini
Worldwide photo & video Santorini, Italy, Greece, France,
Wedding in Verbier, Switzerland, Alex Tome photographer, #22264 Wedding in Verbier
I was grateful that Celine and Adrian chose me to be their photographer as I am particulary fan of Swiss weddings. They 're a lovely couple with whom the connection is made quickly. Situated...

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When travelling around the world we often feel inspired by the many fascinating sights and sounds along the way. We are living in an age where technology allows us to capture images and video instantly with selfie-stick equipped smartphones and consumer grade digital cameras among other things. The results when using this technology can be adequate for many occasions, but would you trust it for capturing a significant event such as your wedding or anniversary abroad? A very important question to consider! Finding a pro wedding or event photographer in an unfamiliar city abroad can be a daunting task to say the least. At Wedgo we pride ourselves in making this daunting task a lot simpler. As we all know, planning a wedding abroad is an enormous task in itself. Wedgo will help you lighten the load by connecting you with a friendly competent pro photographer from our worldwide database. Why not hire a professional who is established in the city, or near the resort where you are planning to have your wedding or celebrate your anniversary? We invite you to read further to find out how it all works..
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Japan Japan
Japan is certainly a country that can easily enchant with its really unearthly charm! Everything is so uncommon and fascinating: culture, traditions, art, and, of course, accommodation...
Latvia Latvia
Crystal transparency of lakes make you forget all concerns and find peace, harmony and tenderness. After that looking at the photos from your trip you can feel Latvia is wrapping you...
South Africa South Africa
South Africa - a country in the southern part of the African continent. It has borders with Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe to the north-east - with Mozambique and Swaziland. Inside...

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Looking for a photographer in Iceland
Hi, I was emailing to enquire about wedding photographers for our elopement in Jan 2022 in Iceland. We would be looking between a few hours or half a day. Could you please give us a quote...
Amy Renwick
Looking for a photographer in Egypt
Looking for a photographer in Dominican Republic
I will be visiting Dominican Republic, in Puerto Plata on October 2nd to 9th, 2021. I am celebrating my birthday on October 3rd, 2021 and would like to set up a photo shoot in my private...
Charmain Ferguson
Looking for a photographer in Iceland
Hello! I am looking for a photographer to take pictures of my elopement coming up in November. I loved your work and wanted to get some idea about pricing. I am interested in a small photoshoot...
Elizabeth Overstreet
Looking for a photographer in Indonesia
Hi I am planning to do a video while working out to showcase my waist trimmer products. I also want to photos
Looking for a photographer in Malaysia
Nude photography
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
I am looking for pre wedding shoot in Maldives, I want to have a shoot for 4-5 hour session with photo shoot an 3-4 mins teaser(video)
Looking for a photographer in Italy
hi! i am Carine from Indonesia. My fiance and i plan to visit popular destinations for my pre-wed shoot, such as Lake Como, Tuscany, Capri and Ravello. We will spend at least 2 nights in...
Looking for a photographer in Spain
Hola.. Como estás? Esperando que todas va a bien. Somos Surabhi y Ishit. Nosotros nos casamos el 5 de Diciembre. Estamos planificando nuestra luna de miel en España. Por este razón,...
Ishit Patel
Looking for a photographer in Turkey
Hello! We are staying at the Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel and Spa in Belek and would like to book a family photoshoot (me, my husband and child (7 years)). Some pictures at the beach and...
Merili Tupits
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
Hello! I'm going to Maldives in October and I want a some professional pictures then.
Looking for a photographer in Italy
Please email I'm looking for a photographer for 2 hrs for an elopement in Tuscany at San Galgano Abbey Aug 10 2022. What is your pricing, and what's involved? Thanks...
Looking for a photographer in Turkey
Please send me details what’s included in 100$ photo shoot?
Looking for a photographer in Greece
I’d love some professional pics done of 8 couples please I’d be grateful for our 1st trip to Greece for our honey moon thank you ring me when you get this xxx...
Looking for a photographer in Seychelles
Hi there. My husband and I would like to capture our very low key vow renewal on Anse Marie Laure beach on October 17th. We would like 30 mins - 1 hour of photos. There will literally only...
Gillian Murphy
Looking for a photographer in India
Around 2nd week of April,
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
We are looking for a good photographer that can do post wedding shoot (both still and videos) . We will be staying at Atmosphere Kanifushi Please email us with your details, past portfolio...
Vipesh Agarwal
Looking for a photographer in Italy
We are planning a small wedding in September or October next year(2021), the event will be small - for 40 people. im looking for a photographer for the day of the wedding. it will be noon...
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
It’s a honeymoon trip and we want budget photographer
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
Maldives in between 6th jan to 8th jan couple shoot
Looking for a photographer in Dominican Republic
I am hiring a photographer for a friend's 60th birthday. She has a group of 10 people, and looking to have an on-site photoshoot, and hopeful allow a wardrobe change. Maybe 2-3hrs. Maybe...
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
I'm interested in doing a photo session with my husband as bride and groom. We won't have a wedding. It's just going to be the two of us. I wear a hijab but I'd like to have the photos without...
Salma Ibrahim
Looking for a photographer in Thailand
Hi, Hope you are well. We are having an elopement at Keemala Resort on Sunday Nov 28th 2021. I am wondering if you are available to take photos? Please email me...
Heather Jane Moore
Looking for a photographer in Dominican Republic
We will be visiting Puerto Plata June 2nd-June 8th. We would like a photographer for one of those dates and for at least 4 hours
Chanel Butler
Looking for a photographer in Philippines
Hi, just want to inquire about your rates Thank you
Cheska Castro
Looking for a photographer in Iceland
Hi, I am planning my wedding for Feb 2022 at Thourfoss, it will be just myself and my fiancé. Could you please let me knownwhat you would charge for around 3-4 hours, to shoot the ceremony...
Yasmine Adams
Looking for a photographer in Switzerland
we wanted to have a romantic shoot for me and fiance in switzerland. we are looking for a photographer
Claudine Magbago

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How should you choose a dress for a wedding on the beach? How should you choose a dress for a wedding on the beach?
What is common for a wedding in Cuba, a symbolic ceremony in Bali and a romantic photosession or videosession in Maldives? Answer: they are united by the question: "What a wedding...
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Looking at wedding photos from Thailand, Bali, Italy or Cyprus it seems that all the resorts are equally beautiful and you can go to any country without hesitation. But now think for...