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This is a directory of the best photographers in Venice. You no longer have to browse through hundreds of forums and websites, contact each professional, and ask for pricing. We have prepared a selection of photographers, videographers, make-up artists, and wedding planners in this area. Simply choose the dates of your trip, and get a list of available professionals. The hardest thing we leave for you is to pick the best one, according to their portfolio and pricing. :-) 


Our photographers will help you organize any event and capture these memorable experiences. Whether it is a proposal, a honeymoon, a wedding, an engagement party, an anniversary celebration, a romantic photoshoot during your trip or an individual photoshoot in some of the most spectacular sights and places of the city.  


An average price for services of a professional photographer in City is 200 euros an hour.
On our website you can find both affordable and high-end photographers, whose services start at 2000 euros for the entire day. To get more detailed information and inquire about a final cost of a photoshoot, simply contact a desired professional specifying the dates and the itinerary of your trip as well as the type of a photoshoot you are interested in.  

Once a goddess opened her jewelry case.  As usual a beautiful jewel attracted her attention. She took it and examined with fascination as billions of tiny lights were flickering inside. It seemed that every side of jewel was shining with a special, magical light. "I need to examine it in the sun" - the goddess thought. Then the rays of sun make a stone flicker more. She reached for the sun but the rays heated a wonderful stone so quickly that the goddess pulled down her hand to escape the burning and dropped it on the ground. Breaking into thousands of pieces it gave birth to a new city named Venice. Dark with silvery tints became water and other colors made buildings: houses, palazzo, libraries, temples, gardens and bridges. No matter how many centuries would be over but Venice remains” the Queen of the Adriatic”, “the city of magnificent palaces and endless canals”.

Venice is called among the most amazing cities in the world. The city built on water, the city where there are no cars and roads, the city where everything just like a hundred years ago - you can take a ride on carved gondolas with velvet chairs, walk through the narrow streets, or enjoy a cup of morning cappuccino on the Piazza San Marco. And here you would like to arrange an unusual photosession and videosession!


Venice is considered one of the most beautiful wedding destinations in the world. Picturesque scenery and the atmosphere of romance and happiness draw thousands of couples from all around the globe to that piece of Paradise on Earth where the famous “The Tourist” movie, starring Angelina Jolie and Johny Depp, was shot. Even if you are in no way Angelina Jolie and your future husband bears little resemblance to Johny Depp, a top-ranked videographer may easily turn your wedding ceremony video into one of the Oscar nominees. You may find some of these professionals on our website.


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Photographer Raul Santos
Photographer (Italy)
from 250$
Photographer Antonio Zermo
Photographer (Italy)
from 1000$
Photographer Gian Luigi Pasqualini
Photographer (Italy)
from 1500$
Photographer Olga Makarova
Photographer (Italy)
from 340$
Photographer Estella Lanti
Photographer (Italy)
from 1000$
Photographer Ale @SteamPointFilms
Photographer (Italy)
from 600$
Photographer Zinaida Romanenkova
Photographer (Italy)
from 600$
Photographer Polina Shalaeva
Photographer (Italy)
from 200$
Photographer Mika Sanders
Photographer (Italy)
from 1000$
Photographer Raifa Slota
Photographer (Italy)
from 150$
Photographer Kirill Karetin
Photographer (Italy)
from 1500$
Photographer Nello Di Cesare
Photographer (Italy)
from 1800$
Photographer Chernishev Maksim
Photographer (Italy)
from 1000$
Photographer Gigi Tchelidze
Photographer (Italy)
from 1300$
Stylist Julia
Stylist (Italy)
from 600$