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Wonderful Sorrento! Amalfitan coast of Italy

The city with an atmosphere of romance, love, and the air filled with the fragrance of flowers. A charming panorama of the sea, the emerald of fragrant plants, nice blue water. All this is Sorrento! No wonder that even in Roman times the patricians were building luxury villas in the suburbs with great pleasure. And in the 19th century they believed that Sorrento had to visit every noble European country. Only then knowledge about the culture and history can be considered complete. Following this tradition the city was visited by many famous people: Byron, Nietzsche and Dickens. There is also a legend that once near the coast of the beautiful Sorrento beautiful but treacherous sirens wanted to confuse the Odysseus’ ship. It was a miracle that the hero and his team managed to resist the charms of these girls.

And what can we say about the modern Sorrento?

It is still charming, captivating, it helps to distract from all worries and surrender to romance of a magical sense, creative thinking, flight of inspiration and delight from the surrounding beauty. Perhaps you've seen photos of Piazza Tasso? Or maybe you are amazed by video that opens unusual spaces around the dormant volcano Mount Vesuvius? Then what's the matter? Let the dream come true. Visit Sorrento! You can feel the beauty of fantastically wonderful city. Admire the famous square. See a statue of St. Anthony, a heavenly patron of Sorrento, the poet Torquato Tasso. Desires wished near the statues necessarily come true. How else? Indeed the atmosphere of the city is filled with happiness, success, prosperity. And the city is rich in a variety of attractions. Every street, house, church's historic center has its own history. And legends like a veil on the face of the mysterious lady intrigue, give food for thought, guesses. But nobody knows how it is in real. So you won’t be bored in Sorrento! :-)

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Photographer Julia Mokhnatkina
Photographer Italy
from 200$
Photographer Olga Novoselova
Photographer Italy
from 300$
Photographer Gian Luigi Pasqualini
Photographer Italy
from 1500$
Photographer Alexey Safonov
Photographer Italy
from 1200$
Videographer Artjom Kurepin
Videographer Italy
from 500$
Photographer Tatiana Rimskaya
Photographer Italy
from 300$
Photographer Ale @SteamPointFilms
Photographer Italy
from 600$
Photographer Olga Mufel
Photographer Italy
from 130$
Photographer Vitalii Melikhov
Photographer Italy
from 300$
Photographer Vitaliy Uhov
Photographer Italy
from 600$
Photographer Pure
Photographer Italy
from 450$
Photographer Kinga
Photographer Italy
from 300$
Photographer Maria Manakova
Photographer Italy
from 300$
Videographer Aleksandr Diachenko
Videographer Italy
from 1000$
Photographer Claudia Cala'
Photographer Italy
from 500$

Photo shoots in the country of Italy (50)

Italy shoot
Italy, April 2018
Shoot worldwide, where are loving hearts
This day is special for you – well, for me too! I believe that a good photography service must be paid adequately, because I do a great thing for your family and consider it an honor.
I create something,...
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Olya&Sasha, Amalfi coast, Italy
Italy, June 2017
A cozy wedding for two in Amalfi, Italy. Photographer Victoria Artyshevskaya.
+35, very, very hot in July on the Amalfi coast, but we did it)
Excellent wedding organization from Tanya Lerro, the selection of places and time for minimal...
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Mirel & Camelia | Wedding Lago di Braies, Italy
Italy, May 2018
When we are asked to tell a word about how is it to shoot a wedding at Lago di Braies in Italy, we always say & admit that "mountains is all about this beauty".
But even keeping this fact in mind, we were absolutely sure that May will be a great month...
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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In Milano
Italy, August 2018
We spent two fantastic days in Italy with a beautiful couple. We paid attention to take pictures at the most crowded venues without any tourists. So we had to planed when we went to these places. It wasn't so hard. :) We arrived before sunrise and...
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Video in the country of Italy (14)

Love story in Evrope
Italy, May 2015
Pre-Wedding Alex and Jane. Prague, Italy, Paris traveling in europe. Photo and Video prodaction .
Pre-Wedding Alex and Jane. Prague, Italy, Paris traveling in europe. Photo and Video prodaction ....
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Animated Business Card -
Italy, December 2018
I create photographic services for portraits, couples, weddings, families, lifestyle performed with passion and professionalism, customizable according to your needs.
For each service you will be accompanied with commitment, availability...
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Alexander and Julia. Wedding in Italy, Sardegna
Italy, October 2014
The wedding was at Villa Las Tronas and Villa Mosca in Sardegna, Italy.
Our filming crew of 2 photographers and 2 videographers spent 5 days in this beautiful place by filming the story of our couple.
The full video is available by request...
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Spot Video Foto Express 2017
Italy, February 2018
Ecco il nostro nuovissimo spot pubblicitario. Con questo nuovo video abbiamo voluto dare un taglio completamente diverso…molto cinematografico.
Grazie alle riprese dei droni di ultimissima generazione siamo in grado di fornire visioni...
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