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Italy is probably one of the countries where you want to go again and again. Every time you will find something new. It's not only the amazing architecture but there is something in the air. It seems to me that when you make the first breath in the airport Italy becomes a part of you.

Italy is the country that helps you to forget about all problems and allows you to enjoy life. What I like about this country is that people know from the birth how to live. I'm not talking about rules, I'm talking about ability to find the little pleasures in everything. Have you ever noticed how the Italians dine?! When they dine they are not rushing anywhere. As if time stops at this moment. In every part of Italy the cuisine is absolutely different and it gives you a great chance to be surprised again and again on your trip through the country.

Italians have some much energy and are so expressive you cant help but enjoy a simple walk through a town/city listening to the people and watching their gestures. The sounds of Italy can not be heard anywhere else in the world. The Italian language is like one of their famous chianti's, smooth, beautiful, delicious and intoxicating.

At the same time you will be captured by the beauty of architecture that surrounds you everywhere. The beauty is in everything, in every stone, in every flower in the windows. There are so many books written about it that I would recommend that you just enjoy it. I can say that in a few days of being in this sunny friendly country you will smile for no particular reason, you will smile just because you are there, just because you have a chance to be a part of the “Dolce Vita”.

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