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Splendour of Rome. Trip to Rome

Rome is amazing, beautiful and unique. Once upon a time Rome was a menacing and powerful warrior who strove for a conquest of the world.There are grandiose, pompous buildings designed to emphasize the power and authority of the Empire. After several centuries Rome has magically changed. And all thanks to the talented masters of the Renaissance. It's created the impression that the once mighty warrior decided to leave the battlefield and become a beautiful, elegant courtier. Until a few centuries and he was tired of the worldly life, he began to think of spiritual, eternal and divine. Then Rome became the capital of the Papal State. What is it today? If you can say about it with one word, it is magnificent! All the transformations that had occurred over the centuries gave it a special charm.

It is possible that you've seen photos which depict the Coliseum. It is a symbol of Rome, the original card. Indeed, a large amphitheater fascinates, attracts. During a visit of Coliseum it seems that stands would fill with proud Romans, and on the stage again gladiators would cross their swords. If you listen, try to come back to the era of the dawn of a powerful empire you can still hear the ringing of steel and the roar of voices of cheering audience.

The Pantheon also impresses. Even today this temple is considered a masterpiece of engineering. In the only hole on the dome light penetrates and creates a simply staggering visual effect. Part of the temple is filled with transparent magic light; the other is hidden in the shadows. Entering the lighted circle you feel the extraordinary surge of strength and vigor.  You turn your eyes up and wait with a sinking heart for disappearing of heaven like a ghostly haze and you will see the mysterious visions which tell about the past, present and future.

Probably every photographer coming to Rome seeks to make a lot of photos with a picture of the Trevi Fountain. Famous buildings of the architect Nicola Salvi attracts attention its exquisite appearance and believe that the wish thinking near the fountain will come true. And all thanks to the mighty ruler Neptune, a figure of whom is located in the center of the fountain.

The treasury of Rome’s attractions is supplemented by various museums and galleries. Here you can admire the works of talented artists from different eras. Antique paintings, jewelry, mosaics, arabesques will become excellent guide in the world of art, elegance and beauty.

If you watched a movie with Julia Roberts "Eat." Pray. Love”, you remember how you wanted a delicious pasta or pizza. To say truth we could not stand such temptations from the screen and immediately ran out of the theater for 2 large pizzas. ) Rome, as well as the whole Italy is the birthplace of the tastiest food in the world! The secret is not only in recipes of preparing of pastry or spices but also in the clean fresh products. Italians are very proud of their cuisine and they use only the choicest and best products for cooking!

Italians talk a lot about three things: politics, football and food! That’s why the discussion of pasta or salad Kaprezze you can hear in any local restaurant at a business dinner or on a romantic date. )

Rome was glorified twice in its history: the early years of the great Roman Empire and now in 20 century when amazingly beautiful film "Roman Holiday” was released. Walking of English princess with a reporter on the quiet streets of Rome and their adventure on the legendary scooter Vespa (by the way, Vespa still produces those scooters as a tribute to the traditions of Italian genius design of the 20th century) - all this gave the film and its audience the infinite love to the old town!


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