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A destination wedding: how to register a marriage in another country?

Posted: 03 January 2011   Views: 12498
A destination wedding: how to register a marriage in another country?
A destination wedding: how to register a marriage in another country?

You are already planning a wedding or just thinking of it but thought that you would not like a standard ceremony.

Fortunately there are a number of countries where you can officially register your marriage. That is you haven’t to visit the district registry office. Wedding ceremonies in these countries are legal and the marriage is valid in Russia.


So there is the cherished list:


   1. Australia

   2. Austria

   3. Bahamas

   4. Barbados

   5. Brazil

   6. Hungary

   7. Grenadines

   8. Greece

   9. Dominican Republic

  10. Iceland

  11. Spain

  12. Italy

  13. Cyprus

  14. Cuba

  15. Mauritius

  16. Mexico

  17. New Zealand

  18. Poland

  19. Romania

  20. Seychelles

  21. Slovenia

  22. The USA

  23. Fiji

  24. Montenegro

  25. Czech Republic

  26. Sri Lanka

  27. Jamaica


Just imagine that your wedding will be in sunny Cyprus or in the romantic castle of the Czech Republic, or on a carefree beach in Jamaica.


There are the countries where a wedding ceremony can take place only in strictly defined places (municipalities, city halls, etc.), somewhere only at the hotel (for example, in Cuba) but in some countries you can get married anywhere (on the beach, in a chapel or in a beautiful park).


Of course there is a required list of documents for official registration of a destination marriage.


In most cases the list contains:

Birth certificate (of both spouses)

   1. Russian passport (both)

   2. International passport (both)

   3. Information about marital status (a letter that the couple is not married and therefore has no impediments to marriage)

   4. Divorce certificate (if you are divorced)

   5. The death certificate of spouse (if you're a widower / widow)



Of course additional documents may be required in different countries for official registration of marriage. However there is one city that is famous of an abundance of weddings all year round where only the international passport is required. This is Las Vegas.

All necessary documents (depending on the requirements of the law) are sent to a chosen country to the appropriate authority. Sometimes it’s enough to send copies of the documents and the originals are already shown on arrival (you must also come in advance usually 3-5 workdays before a wedding date).

In any case whatever documents may be required a destination wedding is an opportunity to organize your wedding in the way you imagined in the most memorable dreams. You don't have to choose between the restaurants at home and worrying that everything will be standard.

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