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Larnaca. Enjoying Cyprus

What impressed me most in Larnaca is its beautiful quay. It’s a place where you can take pleasant walks admiring seascapes and photographing picturesque views of the harbor with many-colored yachts. You’ll definitely forget all your concerns and start dreaming of something sublime and beautiful. And then you’ll see – life is full of wonderful moments. Delicious culinary masterpieces and refined wine will completely persuade of it. There are also a lot of cafes, restaurants and taverns along the quay.

The history of Larnaca is spanning many centuries. Some time it used to be a prosperous centre of trade of the Phoenicians. The area surrounding Larnaca is still keeping the evidence of greatness of ancient Kition. A refined style of the Byzantine age is reflected in the frescos of the church Agios Antonios. There is a Moslem shrine in Larnaca – the complex Hala Sultan Tekke.  According to legend it was raised on the place of meteor strike. There are the Salt Lakes not far from Larnaca. The best time to travel there is January-February. During this period the lakes become home for regal and elegant flamingos. The eastern part of Larnaca is a touristic zone with comfortable hotels. So, you may stay just near the shore of the sea.  The moment you leave you beach hotel  - you are in warm sea hugs.


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Videographer Ruslan Blazevich
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Photographer Cyprus
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Photographer Cyprus
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Photographer Petros Stylianakis
Photographer Cyprus
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Photographer Anna Gomeniuk
Photographer Cyprus
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Photographer ILdar Nailovich
Photographer Cyprus
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Photographer Violett Sudakova
Photographer Cyprus
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Photographer Fotostudiomisha
Photographer Cyprus
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Photographer Lee Squirrell
Photographer Cyprus
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Photographer Demetris DCphotografer
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Photo shoots in the country of Cyprus (8)

Wedding photography in Cyprus
Cyprus, June 2021
Wedding is an important day of a life. It is good to preplan some details before this day so you can enjoy it all 100%.
Discuss with your photographer the exact plan (photo) for the day. What kids of images will be done, what you want to emphasize...
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Wedding in Larnaca
Cyprus, June 2021
“Love is in the air”
Beautiful couple got married!!! Memories in pictures.
Professional photography in Cyprus.
We started from getting ready images of the Groom and the Bride. These images are the part of your wedding storytelling,...
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Cyprus wedding
Cyprus, October 2019
Fotis&Elena Wedding photoshoot in Pahpos, Cyprus
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Cyprus, September 2017
this is in Cyprus , "WHAT I SEE" In Cyprus i take photos . this is one Krinia city , its tourist city and has aloth history place , one of i took is church . it was sunday's blessing....
the second photo its also church
the 3rd photo , i took in mountain...
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Sanne & Vincent honeymoon in Paphos
Cyprus, February 2015
Arriving in February at Cyprus we were pleasantly shocked by the weather, we did not expect that it was wonderful spring there. Azure water and warm sun, the lack of crowds of tourists, it is the perfect time for a relaxing holiday and the opportunity...
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Henri + Elena
Cyprus, October 2015
Welcome to our site! Regardless of what brings you here – the desire to conclude an alliance, to tell the audience the story of your love, or remove the original invitation to the wedding, our team will be happy to do everything to ensure that even...
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