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Sanne & Vincent honeymoon in Paphos | Shevtsovy photography | Cyprus
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Sanne & Vincent honeymoon in Paphos

Arriving in February at Cyprus we were pleasantly shocked by the weather, we did not expect that it was wonderful spring there. Azure water and warm sun, the lack of crowds of tourists, it is the perfect time for a relaxing holiday and the opportunity to create beautiful photographs. We found an amazing flowering almond trees, a huge number of them here, amazing fruit trees, dotted with bright lemons, oranges, they catch the eye and give a good mood.

Our sweet couple Vincent and Sanne arrived at Pafos to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their wedding and to create a wonderful memory of this day. We met them up before the shoot day. The friendliness of Sanne and Vincent was great, they were kind and sociable, first contact is always important for us, it facilitates shooting day. In order to get emotional and high end photographs , we should not just to meet and shake hands with the couple, but we have to feel their mood, their attitude to each other, to understand their desire and what they expect to receive. Sanne and Vincent allowed us to do this, they dissolved with us in the atmosphere of Cyprus landscapes, it is very valuable to us. We think everyone knows how difficult it is to relax in front of the lens, but the guys have not noticed us, they walked, talked and were just happy to give us the opportunity to create a beautiful love story.

Also, this beautiful island has given us yet another wonderful friend. We’ve met with great expert in handicraft wedding accessories for brides, her name is Maya. Her wedding accessories can be seen on our beautiful Sanne.
February , 2015