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Red passion and white nobility
Cuba, June 2020
The photo shoot for the wonderful couple was held on the coast of Liberty Island, where the turquoise water smoothly merges with the sky and this is the beauty of the Caribbean Sea! Red is a passionate color, it harmonizes very well with the landscape...
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Romantic story of a Wedding on Silhouette Island
Seychelles, September 2021
Pavel and Yulia spent a long time choosing where to hold their wedding ceremony, there were a lot of different options, as a result, they chose the unusual exotic Silhouette Island in the Seychelles. I was very happy to come to capture their wedding...
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Photographer in Turkey
Turkey, May 2021
Zarina wrote to me that she really liked my work, but she is very worried. She said she wanted a photo shoot in Turkey, but she is not a model and does not know how to pose at all. But I convinced her that she can not worry about it at all, if she is not a model,...
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Wedding in Paris
France, September 2018
A beautiful, romantic, sophisticated wedding in the suburbs of Paris. It was the beginning of autumn, the first of September, and a very special day. Each thread and bead was not chosen by chance. I am very happy to be a part of this extraordinary...
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Wedding in Thailand
Phuket, May 2019
Big fun American wedding in Thailand, Phuket! One of my favorite weddings because I really love the tropics. Please feel free to write to me and clarify your dates. I will be happy to take the photos of your dreams...
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Photoshoot in the Dominican Republic
Punta Cana, February 2021
This photos made in touristic area - Punta Cana. Some photos made on the wild beach Macao, some photos made on the Bavaro beach there are a lot oh hotels and some photos made on private beach Amor. One photo made on island Saona. Saona is amazing place...
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Romantic wedding in Sibenik
Croatia, September 2021
It was late summer day when these love birds came from France to "Say I do" in Sibenik in front of their families and friends.
It was a small & cozy wedding which became new normal during covid days. Sibenik was an obvious place to get married since...
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Michael & Julia photoshhot in Koh Samui
Thailand, February 2022
I think that the best description of this photosession will be review from this beautiful couple:
"Vitaly, thank you very much for the wonderful photos! We are absolutely delighted! You are a great photographer who senses people, very tactful,...
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Shooting for sandals brand
Greece, April 2022
In this project we worked on creating high quality photos and videos for catalog and social media of a Greek Handmade Sandals Brand.
We had a great teamwork with model, make up artist, stylist and the client of course.
Made a good preparation...
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Wedding photoshoot in Budapest
Hungary, May 2021
We took Dominika & Ronald's emotional wedding in the countryside of Hungary. That was really beautiful and emotional with fantastic people. We loved it very much!
A few days later shot these pictures like a post-wedding photoshoot in Budapest...
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