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How much are the Maldives?

During my first trip to the Maldives I didn’t know enough about the prices in this paradise. I’ve never trusted to the ad of travel agencies, so that’s why I went there myself to get the picture. And now I’m ready to share my experience with Wedgo readers.

Prices of a trip to the Maldives

No matter what anyone said, but the Maldives are not only one of the most beautiful islands in the world, but one of the most expensive as well. 99% of food, clothes, souvenirs and other stuff you can see on the Maldives were imported there from the neighbor Sri-Lanka, India, Indonesia and other countries. So that is why souvenirs and food are quite pricey. The Maldivians have nothing but sand, ocean and palms. But how wonderful they are! :-)
Many hotels there belong to the international chains such as Hilton, One & Only, etc. And of course it affects their prices. An average price of the night in hotel — 250$, but it varies from 100 to 10000$ per night! 
Another important item of expenses is a transfer from the capital to an island; sometimes it can exceed the price of a flight to the Maldives! 

Hotel prices

Hotel prices on the Maldives are a value as obscure as the Maldivian language ☺ Good hotels may be of moderate cost, and conversely — an expensive luxury hotel can be not of the top quality. On the average head for the price from 200 to 550$ per night for 2 persons, dining package included. My more detailed report is here: "How to choose a hotel on the Maldives?"

Flight prices

Flight to the Maldives can be charter or regular. The prices for charters are determined by tour operators and it is often difficult to buy these tickets without their help. Most of these flights are direct. 

How to save up on the Maldives?

My first advice is to search the hotel sales on sites such as  in advance. I used to buy a hotel whose normal price was 250$, but I managed to get it for 130$ per night. If your trip is being planned in advance, you should start caring about a hotel a half of year prior to travel.
The second advice that will help to save up is to book a hotel with included dining plan (All inclusive, half board, full board). Never buy – breakfasts only. To dine in the Maldives’ restaurants is rather pricey. To compare – half board (breakfast and supper) costed me 40$ a day, while to have a supper in a restaurant is about 200$. So, try to book a hotel with a dining plan package. Trust me, the hotel cooking on the Maldives is perfect.


Can you imagine an excursion on a tropical island? :-) As for me – I can’t. All the excursions are far-fetched, because there is already everything you need: fabulous beach, fantastic snorkeling, palms, white sand and delicious food.
The only excursion I can recommend from those proposed by the hotels is the sunset with dolphins. It is really something unforgettable. By the way this excursion is free in some hotels.  


With the right planning and booking in advance you’ll have approximately following expenses for two persons for 10 days trip:
Hotel and dining — 200$ per day
Flight to Malé – depends on country of your departure .
Transfer to island and back — 600$
Excursions — 400$
Total: 1200$ + the cost of your flight.


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