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Wedding in Maldives "Kate & Vladimir" | Dave Primov | Maldives
Photography is not just my profession, it's my life! I have already visited more than 110 countries of the world, I love to discover something new and unexplored every time! In the photos I want to show you how beautiful the world is and how many beautiful things are around us, to show what you can really be)

Wedding in Maldives "Kate & Vladimir"

Kate and Vladimir found me on Wedgo and invited me to shoot a video and do a photo shoot for them in wedding dresses. They had a honeymoon at a wonderful resort in the Maldives. The shooting was very pleasant and easy, I always give my clients time to take a break from the heat, time to drink a cocktail slowly or just take a break. The most important thing for me is that the lovers in the frame are beautiful, fresh and cheerful. That is why I usually do not limit the shooting time, I offer a comfortable and convenient shooting!
March, 2021