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Traditional Budapest. Hungary

 “Let’s go to Budapest!” – said I to my friends one day and I was struck by the answer “ What for? What can we see there?”. Many people refuse to visit Hungary and they miss so much. It is hard to believe but Budapest and its outskirts are completely unpopular among travelers, especially in comparison with its “sister” Prague. So, the better for us – prices are lower, queues are shorter, and locals are much more hospitable to their guests, cause rare guests are always more welcome. And have no doubt – Budapest is amazing!

The city is historically divided into two parts: gentle right bank is occupied by an aristocratic Pest and left hilly bank receives a cosy Buda. Joining of two antique settlements gave a birth to a wonderful capital of Magyar- to Budapest!

 It’s hard to say which part of the city is more beautiful cause both are amazing and inimitable. The gem of Pest is one of the most impressive gothic edifice in the world  - the Hungarian Parliament Building. You won’t believe that this fairy-tale palace is a work place for boring politicians and not a residence of Hungarian Holy Princess. The main church of Pest is Saint Stephen Basilica, named in honor of patron saint of Hungary. It is the highest church of the city, its elevated deck at a height of 96 meters offers a fantastic view on Budapest. Another worth-seeing place is the City Park Varosliget with original Vajdahunyad Castle (meet another “easy” word!) that combines almost all possible architectural styles except probably glass and steel. It’s a residence of the most honorary citizen of Hungary – bronze Anonymus, the first Magyar chronicler. You are welcome to rub his bronze hand and make a wish.

The bridges of Budapest are the real artworks too. The oldest one, the Chain bridge is guarded by mysterious stone lions; and the most graceful one surprises you with an airy lacy ornament. One of them can get you to the opposite bank of the Danube to Buda. The central attraction here is Buda Castle and the palace of the same name. Admittedly, the Hungarian monarchs weren’t so inventive in architecture (in comparison with politicians!) and that’s why lived in rather unpretentious dwellings. Very different from Fisherman’s bastion, that will definitely admire you and propose you  wonderful views on the Danube and the Hungarian Parliament. So, enjoy two pleasures in one. Not far away there is one more remarkable place and the main gothic rival to the Parliament – Matthias Church. And the best way to finish your Buda walk is to visit the park situated on the neighbour Gellért Hill, named after the bishop thrown to death from the hill by the pagans. Yes, we have to say, the Hungarian haven’t always been so hospitable. However, fantastic views on Budapest opening from Gellért Hill will make you forget all that negative and this fabulous city will remain in your heart forever.



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