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Exploring Budapest outskirts. Hungary

After all Budapest walks and bathing huts relaxations let’s leave the Hungarian capital and roam its outskirts cause there are lots of amazing and surprising places!

 First, let’s take a small boat and make a row on the one of the Danube tributaries to Szentendre, 20 km from Budapest. It’s not so far, but you’ll find a different Hungary! Cosy paved streets and low-rise motley houses replace capital wide roads and pompous buildings. Szentendre seems to be a magic town, but the talent of its citizens is absolutely real and inimitable. From the earliest times this place has been a home for artisans, and almost every house is a museum or a workshop.

 Travelers with children shouldn’t miss the marzipan museum famous by its tasty exhibit: fairy-tale sketches, figures of celebrities and even The Hungarian Parliament!  Here you can also watch the creation of sweets masterpieces and buy the one you like the most. “Older children” can enjoy visiting the House of Hungarian Wines, learn about its production and finally taste this exquisite beverage, otherwise this place wouldn’t be so popular! The Public transport museum and the Ethnographical museum, the biggest in Hungary, are also worth visiting in Szentendre.

 Continue our river journey! Next destination is an old castle town Visegrád. This place is called the curve of the Danube – the steepest bend of the river, a magnificent view opens up on it from the Castle walls! Frankly speaking, the ancient building is almost destroyed, and its ruins are modified into a museum. But you won’t regret visiting this place, cause it offers you a fantastic scenery of one of the most beautiful rivers of Europe!

 Got tired of sightseeing? Then let’s relax a bit! And let’s start with the famous Lake Balaton. Not having a sea the Hungarians don’t give up and with great pleasure spend holidays on the shores of the largest lake in Central Europe. Waters of Batalon don’t only relax but also cure due to the mineral and thermal springs coming out to the surface. If you want to restore your health seriously, you’d better go to Lake Hévíz. It’s unique by two springs with temperature 42ºС and 20ºС  welling out on the bottom and refreshing the lake water each 28 hours and also keeping it warm even in winter!

The last point of our relax-journey is an unusual city called Miskolc. This is a hydropathic that includes a traditional thermal lake and a natural cave bathing hut. The latter cures not only by its water, but also by its air rich with healthy exhalations.

So we leave this fabulous country, delighted with its beauty and absolutely healthy after visiting its resorts. And next time we’ll return to have a photo shoot!


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