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Alternative Budapest. Hungary

The main purpose of visiting different cities is usually sightseeing like churches, museums, palaces, beautiful squares, pompous parks and of course narrow little streets. However except “must visit” places many cities are ready to offer the tourists something unusual. And there is no doubt Budapest is successful in it.

After having met all the sights of traditional Budapest, enjoy yourself and spend time in one of the most popular European baths - The Széchenyi Medicinal Bath. This water paradise in the open air looks like a real palace for austro-hungarian monarchs and not like “cleansing” place for hundreds of tourists and citizens. The complex has 3 large outdoor and 15 indoor swimming pools, and also saunas and steam rooms. The Széchenyi Bath is much more attractive in winter. Just imagine: cold and snow and you’re relaxing in a warm bath and nothing can bother you! Its water coming up to the bath of deep Earth at the temperature 77°С can be applied both for external and internal use, and you’ll get an overall healing effect.

Another famous therms of Budapest are situated in a luxurious Hotel Gellert, that could surely compete with Széchenyi  for the title of the most beautiful therm in Budapest. Many years ago one hermit famous for his healer gift lived at this place, but to be honest it wasn’t his deserts, it were hot underground springs that cured the people. The impostor offered his patients to bathe in a strange cave lake, what gave a name to the future therms – Dirty baths. Nowadays it is one of the most sumptuous thermal complexes of Budapest compared with well-known Roman Therms because of too much similarity. “Gellert” invites its guests to bathe in one of 13 swimming pools, one of which is outdoor, and to choose a treatment procedure from a long list.

 Feel relaxed? Then it’s the best time for new unforgettable adventures, and here we have something spine-chiller  - Budapest Labyrinth! Be ready to see the web of dark corridors and passages covered with cave drawings, and strange formless statues hiden in the corners dimly illuminated by oil lamps. Cast-iron chains, arrays and water pits lapsing into Neverland. Real wine fountains, drops of water falling from the ceiling and mystic music. All these horrors are impatiently waiting new unsuspecting visitors of Labyrinth, but stay calm – this adventure always ends happily, no heart attacks registered.

At this chilling moment we have to leave the Hungarian capital and start exploring its outskirts as the Magyar country is so many-sided, and Budapest shows us only one of its faces.


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