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Our Studio "George Chalkiadakis Pro Art Photogaphy " base in Greece.
We are Available for the Destination Wedding Photo & Drone Aerial shoots.
High quality and big size photos only!
March- Iceland!!!
April- Seychelles!!!

Iceland Pre Wedding Photography

This Iceland autumn pre-wedding was probably one of the biggest experiences we have had so far this year! We completely fell in love with this amazing country the last time we visited Iceland for the pre wedding with Bharathi & Pravou. So when Alex & Leia contacted us, we got very excited with the possibility to go back there.
This time we didn’t want to replicate the same shoots or visit the same places that we did the last time. Instead of this we wanted to create something completely different and the weather itself helped us on this.
On our own day adventure we ended up driving to the south of Iceland from one end to the other.
We visited some iconic places but we also stopped just off the road for some quick shots.
After all this is Iceland!
Next Shoot: March!!!!
September, 2018
Iceland Wedding Photographer
Iceland Wedding Photographer
Reykjavik photographer
Reykjavik photographer
Iceland honeymoon
Iceland honeymoon
Iceland photoshoot
Iceland photoshoot
Love story Iceland
Love story Iceland


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