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Spain is the motherland of bright colours, burning sun, uncontrollable temper; of flamenco and paella, Salvador Dali and Antonio Banderas. Spain is one of the warmest countries in the Western Europe and there are about 270 sunny days per year that's why the chance to get nice tan is very high. Every summer thousands of travelers buy the lastminute tours to go to Costa Brava and Costa Dorado.

But Spain atracts history and culture lovers all the year round. Only here you can see the magnificent masterpieces of Gaudi including his famous park Guel and symbol of Barcelona - Sagrada de Familia that is still building.

No doubts everybody will find something in Spain. It can be art or sport. Visiting this country you can feel that spaniards love with the same passion pasadoble and football. There is a flag of favourite football team on every balcony and the sounds of guitar will be heard from the nearest window.

Of course, the spaniards know the sence in delicious food and drinks. The astringent wines and cool sangria, diverse paella, cold gaspacho and a lot of variants of meat dishes.

So, if you are ready to go to look for the hot sun and catchy music, to touch to the rich history, and to see the architectural and art masterpieces only one thing is left to take a ticket and go to Spain!

© Wedgo — фотограф в Испании!