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The Canary Islands. A chance to see the Edge of the World.

Over the centuries these islands were regarded as some mythic territories behind the Pillars of Hercules inhabited by angels or innocent souls, or even occupied by the Garden of Hesperides. Some say the Canaries are the islands left of the legendary Atlantis. Is it true? Or just a wonderful fairy tale? But anyway the Canaries have always been mysterious, alluring, magnificent.

Oddly enough, but the island's name comes from the latin word canis — dog. Why so? Are there many dogs? Or it used to be inhabited by beautiful gods? Actually the dogs were really bred on the islands. And that’s why the Mauretanian king Juba II named them Canaria during his visit. So let’s explore what the Canaries can offer to the travelers? You may be sure – anything you want! And that’s all due to their diversity and originality of every island. Though they all are volcanic in origin, their landscape impresses with variety. Emerald surface of plains give place to steep mountain peaks, numerous sandy beaches – to fertile fields covered with mandarin gardens. But a warm sea welcomes you at any corner of archipelago and a clear blue sky makes you forget all your troubles.

One of the islands, Lanzarote, is famous for its unusual concert hall, which is situated inside one of the biggest caves in the world. This island differs from the others due to its picturesque and severe volcanic sceneries. The island Fuerteventura can offer to the tourists the best sandy beaches. The title of the most blooming island goes to La Palma. La Gomera attracts by its virgin nature. Tenerife and Gran Canaria are best known for their annual carnivals, which are not less colorful or grandiose than those in Rio-de-Janeiro. This is a sumptuous costume parade, passionate dances, cheerful games and contests. all this accompanied by a beautiful nature, hospitable atmosphere and festive mood. And finally – El Hierro, the island that will help you to escape to the edge of the world. Over the centuries this island has been the most mysterious and symbolized “the end of the earth”. That is why the Canaries used to be the edge of the world.

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Photographer Ksenia Pardo
Photographer Spain
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Photographer Pablo Arnaez
Photographer Spain
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Photographer Kirill Kalyakin
Photographer Spain
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Photographer Albert Buniatyan
Photographer Spain
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Photographer Olesya Kulida
Photographer Spain
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Photographer Martynas Galdikas
Photographer Spain
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Videographer Denis
Videographer Spain
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Videographer Yurii Yarets
Videographer Spain
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Photographer Margarita Boulanger
Photographer Spain
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Photographer Aleksandrs Tihonovs
Photographer Spain
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Photographer Irina Paley
Photographer Spain
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Photographer Olga Novoselova
Photographer Spain
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Photographer Lydur Gudmundsson
Photographer Spain
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Photographer Julia Mokhnatkina
Photographer Spain
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Photographer Marina Milaslavskaia
Photographer Spain
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Photographer Candido Vicente
Photographer Spain
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Photographer Ray Alvarez
Photographer Spain
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Photo shoots in the country of Spain (12)

Love Story photo collections Barcelona
Spain, September 2017
Our walking photo trip witn beautiful couple in Barcelona. I am glad to be your photographer in Barcelona. We walked in moree interesting and nice place. You will know some secrets of Barcelona and also you will come home with portfolio from our...
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Wedding in Lloret and Tossa | Alvaro and Zemfira
Spain, April 2017
It was April, such a beautiful wedding day in Lloret and Tossa with amazing couple Alvaro and Zemfira. The couple prefered pink and red colours in their wedding flowers anf outfit! Looks so stylish, isn't it? Together we visited unique botanical...
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Sunny Tenerife
Spain, February 2016
Фантастическое время на Канарских островах, вдохновение и творчество. Здесь потрясающая атмосфера и завораживающие места. Мы снимали в винном погребе Bodega Ruis Сашу и потом устроили сессию для меня в карнавальном костюме в городе Puerto...
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Wedding Boudoir for Evgeniya in Spain
Spain, April 2015
I have meat Evgeniya during study in university, but after our graduation we mostly didn't see each other. But then at one day she write me and asked about boudoir photoshoots before her wedding ceremony.
She like type of my works and look for...
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Video in the country of Spain (3)

Wedding in Barcelona
Spain, August 2017
Improbable wedding in the center of
Shootings happened on the rooftop and
in historical places of the city....
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Roger Marina
Spain, September 2015
Weddin in Costa Brava.
Vistar es una empresa audiovisual que destaca por utilizar nuevas técnicas y las últimas tendencias para crearos un vídeo con profesionalidad y cariño que se convertirá en vuestro mejor recuerdo. El vídeo será un resumen...
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Juan Esther. Highlights
Spain, September 2016
Santiagde Compastela.
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