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All the times the travelers were fascinated by the noble, even severe, but certainly by a charming beauty of castles, picturesque alpine villages, incomparable lakes. It seems that the atmosphere of Austria is filled with tale, the magic of the holiday. This is street shows, fireworks, and the world famous Vienna Opera, an impressive variety of monuments, and, of course, the warm hospitality of local residents.

Austria is as light as a fleeting whiff of spring breeze, Strauss's waltzes and the unique music of Mozart, Haydn and Schubert. To create eternal works they were inspired by this beautiful country and, of course, Vienna as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. At the same time since the Roman Empire Austria has been known for its healing hot springs of sulfur. For example, in Baden, which is conveniently located among the hills of the emerald of the Vienna Woods was the camp of Marcus Aurelius. Already in the 19th century the city became the residence for the royal family. Why not to take the opportunity and also admire the beauty of scenery, to visit one of the cafes, to drink a cup of Viennese coffee and join the enchanting atmosphere of Austria?

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