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When travelling around the world we often feel inspired by the many fascinating sights and sounds along the way. We are living in an age where technology allows us to capture images and video instantly with selfie-stick equipped smartphones and consumer grade digital cameras among other things. The results when using this technology can be adequate for many occasions, but would you trust it for capturing a significant event such as your wedding or anniversary abroad? A very important question to consider! Finding a pro wedding or event photographer in an unfamiliar city abroad can be a daunting task to say the least. At Wedgo we pride ourselves in making this daunting task a lot simpler. As we all know, planning a wedding abroad is an enormous task in itself. Wedgo will help you lighten the load by connecting you with a friendly competent pro photographer from our worldwide database. Why not hire a professional who is established in the city, or near the resort where you are planning to have your wedding or celebrate your anniversary? We invite you to read further to find out how it all works..
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Top wedding destinations

Antilles Antilles
Antilles - Caribbean or Caribbean islands - the islands in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, lies between North and South America. Together, they form an area of 228,662 square...
Marshall Islands Marshall Islands
Republic of the Marshall Islands - Pacific state of Micronesia, associated with the United States. It bordered on the west and south-west to the territorial waters of the Federated...
Samoa Samoa
Independent State of Samoa - an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean, occupying the western part of the archipelago of the same name. Previous names - German Samoa and Western Samoa....

Top destination photo shoots

"Never belittle the power of God" "Never belittle the power of God"
"Never belittle the power of God" "Никогда не ограничивай Бога" Это трепетное и нежное видео наша команда сняла в маленьком городке Львувек-Слёнски, что находится в Польше. Всё...
Wedding abroad in Egypt, "Grand Marine" on a yacht Red Sea, Hurghada, Giftun island. Wedding abroad in Egypt, "Grand Marine" on a yacht Red Sea, Hurghada, Giftun island.
Grand Marine is a wonderful magical journey and an integrated wedding in Egypt which is the best alternative to the classical celebration in a restaurant. The turquoise sea waves,...
istanbul istanbul
Eğlenceli ve güzel anlara şahit olduk. her şey çok güzeldi. çok güzel fotoğraflar çekildi. video harika oldu. Hikaye çekimlerini herkes çok beğendi. çok güzel geri dönüşler oldu....

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Looking for a photographer in Russia
Its a couple shoot. We don’t want pictures and we are fine with the express shoot.
Looking for a photographer in Italy
Hi! My name is Ola and I am looking for someone to photograph my wedding in Amalfi Coast on 10. 10. 2020. It is going to be a very private ceremony, so that we will need someone only to...
Looking for a photographer in Greece
Hi, Can you please let me know prices for a wedding? Thanks, Anastasia
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
Hi, just wondering how much you would charge for 1. 5 hrs of photography for an elopement at LUX south Ari Atoll resort? Thanks
Looking for a photographer in Indonesia
Hey! My future husband and me are going to have honeymoon in lombok between april 29th and may 6th. I would like to have just a few pictures at a nice beach and maybe in a romantical atmosphere....
Tanja Bolduan
Looking for a photographer in Seychelles
Hi we will marry on 14th October I’m la digue at 15:30pm And searching for a photographer Can you Tell us your conditions and show some of your work Gamze and Benni...
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
Good afternoon, My name is Saleh, im planning to have my pre-wedding in JA manafaru resort. I would like to have a photo session and a pre-wedding video also. We come from Lebanon. Can...
Saleh Ahmad
Looking for a photographer in India
deepak surve
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
Looking for a honeymoon photographer for maybe 2 hours
Looking for a photographer in Italy
Hi Im after a photographer for roughly one hour to take photos for my proposal. I will need you mid April, dates not fixed yet. Can you help?
Iftikhar Choudhury
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
Hey My Fiancee and I are planning our honeymoon for the Maldives, and would very much like to create a short movie of the experience. Is this something that you could help us with? David...
David Nash
Looking for a photographer in Mauritius
Hi there, I came across you when searching google for wedding photography in Mauritius. I am getting married in Mauritius on the 1st June 2020 and I am interested in your work and the...
Edward George
Looking for a photographer in Indonesia
Hi, I want to have a couples photo in bali. can you please send me a message on whats app so that I can tell you what kind of photos I want
shreeti jaiswal
Looking for a photographer in Mauritius
It is not about a trip actually. I have been there in May but I would like to have better shoots than mine (poor quality) to place in a frame 200 cm x100 cm...
Looking for a photographer in Indonesia
I was wondering if you did Graduation pictures
Angelica Davis
Looking for a photographer in Mauritius
Hi, I am having wedding on 9th April at the beach of Le Morne. May I have a quotation of packages? Thank you. Jeannette
Looking for a photographer in Indonesia
Hindu Indian Wedding - Looking for local people who can do HENNA, (MENDHI) , and Hair styling for ladies attending the wedding in Tang Benoa, Bali area...
Kandarp Patel
Looking for a photographer in Dominican Republic
I wanted to know price list for photography/videography packages. Thanks
Brittany S Kapral
Looking for a photographer in Mauritius
Hello: Can I get your package and price list for wedding photoshoot in Mauricius please? Thank you xxx
Looking for a photographer in Germany
Ich suche eine Fotograf für Juni! Der Fotoshooting findet im Schloss Neuschwanstein statt und dauert ca 2-3 Stunden. Was würde es mir kosten? LG
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
I m looking for a pre wedding shoot with Vedio
Looking for a photographer in Mauritius
Hello I am a mauritian and would like a photographer to shoot pictures for a wedding reception at Tamassa Resort Bel Ombre. I would like to know the price. Would like to take some pictures...
Aruna Mangroo
Looking for a photographer in Switzerland
Hi! We are a couple from Singapore getting Married this year. We are interested in getting a casual pre-wedding shoot with our pet dog in Switzerland for around an hour. Location is flexible!...
Looking for a photographer in Maldives
I plan to travel to Maldives with my boyfriend. And I’d like to talk with photographer about the style I like. Please contact me ASAP, thank you:)
Duo Chen
Looking for a photographer in Egypt
Looking for a photographer in Sri Lanka
Hello. I go to to the sri lanka Hikkaduwa and i would like have Couple wonderfull wedding photos from you. I go to the sri lanka 7. 4-15. 4. Thank you so much for answer. Bye...
Looking for a photographer in Spain
We are a family of four looking to capture some beautiful moments in Spain without burning a hole in the pocket :)
Looking for a photographer in Cuba
Wanting just honeymoon pictures done on the beach? Etc Not wanting too many maybe 1 hr or 2 hrs of photography depending how many pictures are included in each....
Looking for a photographer in Indonesia
Hello, we are getting married in Bali, October 2020. The day after the wedding, we would like to go around to various famous locations and do photos and videos, while in our dress and suit....
Looking for a photographer in Greece
Hello, I am Sophia Paradisis - I Greek Australian. My Fiance and I are looking to get married at the end of September in Nafplio where my family is from (it will be a small intimate wedding) ...
Sophia Paradsis

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A budget destination wedding A budget destination wedding
This article is for you if you are one of those who looks for any economy and cheap variant for a destination wedding!
Top wedding destinations Top wedding destinations
Looking at wedding photos from Thailand, Bali, Italy or Cyprus it seems that all the resorts are equally beautiful and you can go to any country without hesitation. But now think for...