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When is it the best time to visit the Dominican Republic?

Weather and climate

Sunny and hospitable Dominican Republic welcomes its guests all year round. Exotic nature, picturesque coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, furious rhythms of the Latin American culture will accompany you in this country. But still its climate is tropical and has some peculiarities. For example, the year is divided into two main seasons: wet and dry. «Wet» stretches from May till September; this period is rich with rains. They are short-term as usual, but often unexpected, with wind-breaks and storm.

«Dry season»

“Dry” season is quite different, it covers a period from November till April. It’s the best time for tourists from all over the world. The Dominican Republic presents its guests with a generous sun, endless sea scopes and sumptuous verdure of exotic vegetation. Water’s and air’s temperature goes up to + 25 ˚C minimum. You can not only spend a great time lying on a beach, but also set off for a sea excursion to admire the famous coral reefs or arrange a photo shoot! This season is also a time of endless fabulous carnivals and colorful festivals in the Latin American style. 

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Photographer Mykola Davydchuk
Photographer Dominican Republic
from 300$
Photographer Anna Atayan
Photographer Dominican Republic
from 1000$
Photographer Adolfo Florentino
Photographer Dominican Republic
from 600$
Videographer WHITESANDFILMS wedding cinema
Videographer Dominican Republic
from 500$
Videographer Anna Kumantsova
Videographer Dominican Republic
from 350$
Photographer Luciano Luna G Studio11
Photographer Dominican Republic
from 850$
Photographer Tatiana
Photographer Dominican Republic
from 150$
Photographer Yuriy Goliak
Photographer Dominican Republic
from 600$
Photographer Valiko Proskurnin
Photographer Dominican Republic
from 300$
Photographer Nadia De La Rosa
Photographer Dominican Republic
from 2500$
Wedding planner Kumantsova Productions
Wedding planner Dominican Republic
from 850$
Photographer Anna Kumantsova
Photographer Dominican Republic
from 300$
Videographer Torchere team
Videographer Dominican Republic
from 600$

Photo shoots in the country of Dominican Republic (8)

Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic, February 2021
The beaches in the Dominican Republic are a real fairy tale. White sand, tall palm trees. turquoise ocean. I spent about 250 shoots in half a year. In addition to beautiful beaches, there are many other beautiful locations: mountains, desert,...
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Sex Tourism Film and stills
Dominican Republic, November 2020
Beautiful film thats won awards globally. I am an award winning director with a keen eye for stills and telling stories.
Shooting in the Dominican Republic was the most amazing experience, the locations are a cinematographers dream, the...
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Brendan + Jessica wedding in Dominican republic
Dominican Republic, January 2019
Villa Wind Song in the Sea Horse Ranch community in Cabarete
Amazing bride Jessica from my wedding in Cabarete Dominican Republic
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Punta Cana wedding
Dominican Republic, November 2018
My wedding photos are about the little things. The smiles, the tears, the sparkles in the eyes and the lips that anticipate the kiss of the loved one. It’s the people who make the story, it’s you who are the most important people for me on the wedding...
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Video in the country of Dominican Republic (1)

Dominican Republic, November 2016
Retush - это профессиональная команда с современными взглядами на видео и фото съемку! Локально мы находимся в городе Полтава, но готовы работать в любой точ...
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