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Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic photoDominican Republic photogrpaherDominican Republic photogrpaherDominican Republic
Dominican Republic photo
Dominican Republic photoDominican Republic photogrpaherDominican Republic photogrpaherDominican Republic

Dominican Republic is a place where in 1492 Christopher Columbus had come ashore. It is a place where the history of colonial conquest of America had begun. Columbus had called this land “Hispaniola” which meant “The country of eternal spring”. It seems nothing has changed here since Columbus, because when you first see Dominican Republic, you want to call it “tropic heaven”. As soon as you see the airport you understand that the weather is always good here. Indeed, a pile-supported airport with thatch and without walls is a rarity.


You should take a sunscreen with you to protect yourself from a bright sun which is extremly hot even when is covered by clouds. And also take protection from envy, because it will be hard to avoid it. Local inhabitants would be happy only having the beaches under coconut palms. But they also have clear turquoise water which today is warm as well as yesterday. The sand is white; it’s a pleasure to walk on it; and even under the ardent sun it doesn’t hot up. Cays protect the coast from sharks and other marine species that could bother you.


From the middle of January till March humpback whales come to the coast having a mating season. These giants weight 40 tons and don’t afraid of people at all.


Dominican Republic is one of the best places in the world to kite, windsurf and to try other water sports. Divers can touch sunken ships of Caribbean Sea or to find a cave for diving. But the main reason to envy is that people in Dominican Republic are always relaxed and are in perfect bliss. Local people like merengue. Merengue is more than just national dance. It is a rhythm of the country and its way of life. It seems that it was the place where a famous slogan “Everybody dances now!” has appeared. Indeed, everybody always dances here, and it’s clear that they’re happy. If there is no music, they sing, if there is – they sing along with it. We haven’t seen the President’s speech but we’re quite sure that he dances while he speaks.


You know, the atmosphere of bliss absorbs you so much that soon you don’t remember what you had for breakfast, begin to dance and hum a merry tune of your wonderful holidays in Dominican Republic.

If you want your holidays under palms, your tricks with starfish, attempts to dance Merengue and visits to colonial days monuments (such as Columbus’ lighthouse, “Columbus castle” palace, white marble mausoleum and San-Diego fort) to be shoot by professional photographer it’s better to look for someone who is going to visit the country as well as you are. In Dominican Republic it’s rather difficult to find a photographer!!!