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The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio. Movie Locations In Thailand.

“Richard takes a trip to Thailand where he meets a strange man. The man gives him a map of the mysterious island where Paradise on Earth is rumored to be located. Richard longs to find the mythical piece of land, and a French couple agrees to accompany him on his journey to the Paradise Island.”

The adventure drama film “The Beach” is based on Alex Garland’s debut novel. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a young and adventurous backpacker who can’t resist the temptation to explore unknown lands. In 2016 Leonardo DiCaprio finally got Oscar, he is really the best actor, certainly worthy of it.

Though the action of the novel takes place on the island of Koh Tao, not far from the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, the film producers insisted on shooting “The Beach” at Phi Phi Leh. Now the island is considered one of the main tourist attractions. Thousands of people from all over the globe flock to Phi Phi Leh in order to see the famous Maya Bay or take a walk through the jungle to the place where the Utopia seekers dwelled.

Phi Phi Leh is protected under National Park status. The area lacks overnight accommodations, so the only way for visitors to spend the night on the island is camping at the beach.


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Photographer Surasart Areear
Photographer Thailand
from 550$
Photographer Thailand
from 600$
Wedding planner Magic Day Weddings
Wedding planner Thailand
from 690$
Photographer Aidan Dockery
Photographer Thailand
from 2200$
Photographer Nick Evans
Photographer Thailand
from 900$
Photographer July Prokopiv
Photographer Thailand
from 300$
Stylist Anna
Stylist Thailand
from 300$
Photographer Ivan Ruban
Photographer Thailand
from 600$
Photographer Natalia Zotova
Photographer Thailand
from 300$
Photographer Vitalii Nikonorov
Photographer Thailand
from 300$
Photographer Dimas Frolov
Photographer Thailand
from 300$
Photographer Vlad Nekrasov
Photographer Thailand
from 100$
Photographer David Sala
Photographer Thailand
from 300$
Photographer Pavel Cocopix
Photographer Thailand
from 300$
Photographer Elizaveta Dogadaeva
Photographer Thailand
from 400$
Photographer Thanos Rivios
Photographer Thailand
from 5000$
Photographer Auxam Zional
Photographer Thailand
from 1500$
Photographer Andhy Prayitno
Photographer Thailand
from 1500$
Photographer Anna Shell
Photographer Thailand
from 300$
Photographer Sergio Anatolievs
Photographer Thailand
from 200$

Photo shoots in the country of Thailand (4)

Lovely couple shoot in Koh Samui
Thailand, May 2017
Hello. Let me introduce myself.
I am a professional photographer since 2007 with experience in Europe and Asia.
At the moment I live and take pictures on Koh Samui - the most beautiful resort island in Thailand. I'm specialized in various types...
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Muah for brides, models, girls and women
Thailand, December 2017
Gorgeous style, makeup and hairs for your significant event or photoshoot. My cosmetics is good and luxery. The price affordable by all. I travel to your location. I also do eyebrows and eyelashes colouring by henna as well.
My services price:
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Thailand, February 2013
I have lived and shoot in Thailand a lot. Now I am traveling there from Spain for a destination wedding, honeymoon and travel photography.
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Thailand, April 2012
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Video in the country of Thailand (2)

Wedding on Koh Samui, Thailand. Nathan and Stephanie.
Thailand, September 2017
Wedding planner "Magic Day": weddings on the beach
and villason Koh Samui, Thailand.
Wedding planner "Magic Day": weddings on the beach and Villas on Koh Samui. Wedding photographer, video, aerial movie by drine, and all wedding services!...
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Pattaya's Dr Iain Racing through Life!
Thailand, April 2015
Pattaya's Dr. Iain - Racing through Life!
Video production, call me with your requirements.
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