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Thailand photographer
Thailand photographer

Thailand is one of the most exotic and at the same time “native” country for tourists. A lot of them arrive here every day to bask in the sun, arrange romantic honeymoon or to feel the atmosphere of different culture.

Recently a lot of tourists have moved to Thailand for permanent residence. These are wedding photographers, diving instructors or just downshifters who changed megalopolis life for a place under a palm. 

What attracts tourists in Thailand?


You can make a list of things you find here:

1. Warm sun and the sea. It’s for those who want to bask in the sun and to get a tan.  

2. Exotic entertainment (from elephant show to sex-tourism)

3. Relaxation and treatment (Thai massage, SPA and so on)

4. Active holidays (rafting in the jungle, windsurfing, quadricycles and so on)

5. Romance for two. You can spend a honeymoon on numerous Thai islands; arrange a nominal wedding ceremony (you’ll get a lot of such offers)

The most popular places for holidays are:

Pattaya is the most popular and the noisiest touristic place. Life is always in full swing here. This is the place of the most famous clubs, bars and restaurants; expensive hotels are along with doubtful massage salons; and on every corner barkers offer their wares.

Phuket is a big touristic island with many hotels. The island is rather busy; there are a lot of excursions and entertainment for active holidays. Besides, Phuket is famous for its diving opportunities.

Samui is a beautiful and calmer island for romantic and peaceful holidays; it’s for those who prefer water sports.

PhiPhi are small islands not far from Phuket; they are famous for untouched nature and beautiful beaches.

Samet The entertainment industry is poorly developed here, that’s why Samet is a place where you can have calm holidays at snow-white beaches among green palms.

Of course, it’s impossible to name and describe all islands of Thailand because there are a great many of them. But the brilliance of Thailand is that everyone can find his/her favorite island and a kind of holidays he/she likes.

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