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Wedding in Japan

In Japan all sorts of weddings are possible. It can be in Tokyo Tower with marvelous view on bay and city that is all in lights or an unusual wedding in the forest close to the temple Meiji.

Everyone will say that a wedding is one of the most important moment in the life. This day is like a border between past and future life. The past life that we spend looking for the right person and the future life that will make you happy.

The Japanese’s attitude to the wedding is very serious as in the other countries. The following traditions is more important than the price. The couple could be blessed by God if they followed the rules concerning particular rites, choice of suits, behavior before and after wedding ceremony.

The Japanese wedding dress always deserves much attention, because this attire in which the bride makes a step in new life. Very often wedding kimono is like a piece of art. The material for it traditionally is hand painted. Usually a bride gets it as a gift from the groom.

Watching the videos of Japanese wedding we can notice one common feature that a bride enters first to the Temple and then a groom, but after ceremony a bride leaves only after her husband. This tradition means that a bride now submits to the groom’s will and she will always follow him. During the ceremony they exchange rings as we do but before this they give each other little cups with sake and make three sips of it. After the ceremony the banquet comes. All guests tale place according to the degree of relatedness.

During the celebration a bride changes her suits a few times. It means that she is ready for family life because when the banquet ends she will become a keeper of house and be able to do any homework.

At the end of the wedding the couple gives presents to their guests thanking them for coming and being with them at this significant day of their life.

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Photo shoots in the country of Japan (1)

Japan Pre-wedding photoshoot
Japan, January 2017
concept movie - cinematic style
picture was taken in the old village of japan to get perfect mount Fuji as the Background
The Clothing were rented in the location for only around USD 25,- per set
The weather was about 3 celcius- it was winter...
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