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Scottish wedding

For many people Scotland associates with a few national things – bagpipe, kilt and the popular drinking whiskey. These things are presented at all celebrations and of course at such important event as a wedding.

Talking about a Scottish wedding we can say that it is a tribute to the knights novels, religion and traditions. The Scottish wedding rites are old as the picturesque Scottish heather hills.

Usually the wedding consists of three levels. The first one is called “bewedding”. The groom finally confirmed in his decision to marry a particular girl and he gives a present to her dad. After that they exchanged rings. The second level is the symbolic “binding” the hands of the couple. It means that now they are one unit. A husband is a leader for a wife and she must listen to him and be faithful, a wife is a second heart and dedicated friend. The third level is the wedding, banquet.

The wedding suits are the other tradition that the couples are trying to follow. A groom has to wear kilt, white half-hose and sandals. A bride’s dress should be white and she must have tartans. Tartans is the checkered scarf which a groom take on the bride’s shoulders.

Often a wedding pie is replaced by puddings with crème fresh. Instead of champagne homemade bear or whiskey are served. They believe that this drinking helps for the gusts to become more talkative and they won’t be shy to say a wish to the couple and to sing songs.

The other important tradition on Scottish weddings is “Beddan”. It is similar to ours when we throw the bouquet, but the Scottish bride throws a stocking from the left leg and it means the same, that a person who catches it will marry soon.

Many couples dream to have a wedding in one of the castle with amazing views. Any castle is very racy and you will be able to feel the atmosphere of knights, luxury and history. Just don’t forget to take kilt, bagpipe and whiskey!!!!

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