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Capturing cherished memories of your trip
I am a photographer based in Venice, very happy to meet you. If you plan a proposal, wedding, holiday or any other kind of story in Venice or elsewhere in the world and would like to have some high quality photographs, contact me. I would eagerly capture all important moments for you. Luka Mario

Sex and cigars in Venice

Bea and Brett. From Hollywood to Venice. With love, passion and sexy cigars. They roamed Venetian streets, off beaten tracks, palazzos, enjoying the time spent together. This short powerful video story tells about two lovers on one of their badass honeymoon days in Italy. It was filmed and photographed, so the shining memories remain.

This is an energetic and deep love story of Bea and Brett. Their full day story has been filmed in Venice and summarised in 4 minutes of various scenes, changing…
August, 2019