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Videographer Dmitry Koltsov | Reviews
My name is Dmitriy Koltsov. I am a wedding videographer. My vocation is to save emotions and tell about important for us big and small events which will definitely remain the brightest in your life.
The wish to travel, visiting unusual places on our planet, the charm of brides and sincerity of wedding emotions inspire me to create a masterpiece. These shots are worth living and creating!
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Oleksandr Lysov
Event date: October 04, 2015
Services: Videography
Destination Greece
It's very pleasant and easy to work with Dmitry and Nelya: easy communication, a positive approach and a bright result. The filming process, despite the hot Greek sun, was competently and professionally organized. Locations, a sense of frame, a special atmosphere - all of these are the components that will make more than once to review the final video. The recommendation: add backstage photo / video shooting - it's always fun to see and show your friends how this magic is done. Thank you for your professionalism!
February 12, 2018
Olesya Zaychenko
Event date: May 30, 2017
Services: Videography
Destination Greece
We express with my husband a big thanks to Dmitry and Nela for the quality work! The film turned out wonderful. Working together was very comfortable, all the wishes fulfilled. highly recommended!
February 03, 2018