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Avignon. France

A romantic and pensive Avignon with its peaceful streets once was the city of residence of the Pope Clement V. The transferring of the Papacy to Avignon played a great role in the life of this region. The Palace of the Popes became the central attraction of the city. It was built in the 14th century with the participation of the most eminent painters and sculptors of the time. There are still several halls with fantastical mosaics and wonderful frescos. You can come and see these masterpieces and even make photos of them. Today the Palace of the Popes is one of the largest and the most spacious of the European castles. The popes helped a lot the development of wine-growing and wine-making in the south of the Rhone Valley.

The most ancient attraction and symbol of Avignon is a famous bridge – the Pont Saint-Bénézet, built at the beginning of the 12 century. The Pont used to be an impressive construction consisting of 19 arches that connected two branches of the river. Nowadays there are only 4 surviving arches and the Chapel of Saint-Nicolas decorating the bridge.


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Photographer Lisa WILLIAMSON
Photographer France
from 600$
Photographer Daria Zhukova
Photographer France
from 800$
Photographer Soponariu Odrida
Photographer France
from 250$
Photographer Stephanie BOBAULT
Photographer France
from 700$
Photographer Kateryna Dyachenko
Photographer France
from 1000$
Photographer Alexandru Rosu
Photographer France
from 300$
Photographer Assuied
Photographer France
from 1700$
Photographer Philip Andrukhovich
Photographer France
from 500$
Photographer Irena Balashko
Photographer France
from 400$
Photographer Darren Hatt
Photographer France
from 1500$
Photographer Divya Sajeev
Photographer France
from 250$
Photographer Dimitri Finko
Photographer France
from 300$
Photographer Cengiz Ozelsel
Photographer France
from 350$
Photographer Daniel Cojocaru
Photographer France
from 300$
Photographer Ros Jaroslaw
Photographer France
from 300$
Photographer Adagion Studio
Photographer France
from 500$
Photographer Margarita Boulanger
Photographer France
from 150$

Photo shoots in the country of France (27)

P&I wedding story
France, August 2019
Wedding video of Anna and Vadim. Occurred in the autumn of 2018 in France. The whole wedding was very fun and emotional. It is rare to see a bride dancing break dance with her fiance in a wedding dress on her back. The youth was also very fun and so the...
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Trocadero elopement session
France, September 2019
This is an example of a short 1 hour wedding/elopement session at Trocadero plaza at sunrise with the best view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. As this is the most popular place to take photos with the tower, it's very important to plan your session...
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Wedding photoshoot
France, September 2018
Shoot worldwide, where are loving hearts
This day is special for you – well, for me too! I believe that a good photography service must be paid adequately, because I do a great thing for your family and consider it an honor.
I create something,...
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Margo in Paris
France, March 2019
Photo session with beautiful Margot in the centre of Paris. It was Saturday, the centre of Paris, but nothing prevented us from taking wonderful pictures. We starred in the Louvre Museum and at Notre Dame. The image of the model was so stunning,...
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Video in the country of France (8)

P&I wedding video
France, August 2019
The wedding took place in August 2019 in France. Everything was very carefully prepared, every detail was taken into account. Despite the cloudy weather, the mood of the newlyweds was very good and we tried to maintain this as much as possible....
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Cap Ferrat, French Riviera Wedding Highlights Video
France, Jule 2017
Paula and Brian flew from the chilly Canada to celebrate their elopement wedding on the French Riviera, close to Nice. My task was to make a short elopement wedding film for them, including their wedding vows on the peninsula of Cap Ferrat. Wedding...
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France, August 2018
Kelsi et Andrej sont un coupe Franco-Américain vivant à Londres.
Andrej a fait sa demande, sous l'objectif d'un photographe londonien, à Hyde Park. D'où le titre de leur film...
Et c'est en France qu'Andrej & Kelsi ont décidé d'organiser...
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Wedding Video - Trailer Lorena and Pierre 4k
France, Jule 2018
Wedding Video - Trailer Lorena and Pierre 4k. The full video is on Youtube
The video has a fixed price of one thousand euros and is recorded from the time the bride is getting ready to the party to capture as much material as possible.
I use a sony...
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