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When is the best time to go to Bali? And other tips for travelers

When is the best time to go to Bali?

The answer: you can go at any time of year: there is always good weather in Bali. It is believed that December to February is the rainy season. It is so. But the rain in Bali is a nice warm shower but not that we are used to understand by the rain. In addition the rain often is at night and not very long.  However prolonged rainfall sometimes happens which can spoil the holiday for those who are going to get a chocolate tan.

Visas and fees

 To enter Indonesia you need to obtain a visa and the action of the passport must be at least 6 months after your return. What nice is a visa is obtained in entry at the airport. In this case a fee is paid (currently $ 25). Leaving you will be taken a little money named "airport tax".  At the moment it is 150.000 rupees, which equals $ 17. In this a fee is paid only in rupees so do not forget to leave some local cash before leaving.

Buying tour. Choice of a hotel

If you do not have a hard time reference, wait and buy the last-minute sale tour. Sales are simply staggering with very attractive prices! Especially it’s nice to buy a plane ticket which flies in a couple of days.

Choosing where to live, remember that almost all hotels in Bali are good. The difference between 3 * and 4 * may be quite small just a distance from the beach, size of a pool or the number of slippers in the room. Everywhere there are a lot of trees, hotels are beautifully decorated and have good service. The only advice is it’s better to choose the newer hotels. To choose a resort (the beach) in Bali please read the next article in "Indonesia".

What is strictly forbidden to transport in Bali:

- Drugs (be careful, they still offer it, for example, near the nightclubs of Kuta) - for their transportation and use is the death penalty.

- Chinese literature

- Chinese medicine

- Pornography (playboys should be laid out :-))

That is the biggest mistake of your trip in Bali will be to take half a kilo of cocaine, wrapped in Chinese pornographic magazine.

In addition importation of alcohol (up to 2 liters) and tobacco (200 sigaret/50 cigars / 100g of tobacco) products is limited.


In general Bali is a very peaceful and friendly island where the rest is very easy and fun!


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