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Wedding traditions

Posted: 07 august 2013   Views: 13223
Wedding traditions
Wedding traditions

As we know that there are many cultures in the World and every culture has its own traditions for such important day as a wedding. Some of them are hard to understand!

Nowdays the gypsies are still stealing their brides! She will become an official wife only if a man is able to hide her for 2-3 days. In the past such a method had a sense because the family could save money, avoid of all worries about wedding and meeting with bride's parents. Even today in gypsy communities it wouldn't look strange if a man will come up to a girl on a street, use chlorophorm and take her to his home. May be he would become her great love!!!

In some parts of India there is another tradition: to marry dog or the other animal for banishing the evil spirits. The tribe Santal believe that if a girl is born with upper tooth it meens that she will be eaten by a tiger ot have a lot of troubles in the future. Tradition makes her marry a dog to banish evil spirit. Its done for her to get married truly in the future and won't have any problems.

In Scotland there is the rite and they call it as denigration of the bride. This rite is a very old tradition. But to be honest it takes place before the wedding day. "The friends" pull the fiance to the street and sling mud from head to toe. The idea of this can be that it helps to prepare a bride for the future family life. That none of future propblem can compare with this humiliation.

In Malaysia in the tribe Tidung, the North Borneo for a couple the wedding is a real hell because the tradition says that they have to spend three days together in one house without going to the toilet. The families don't feed them and watch for them not to break this rule. They believe that if a couple would be able to handle with it they would have healthy children and happy life together.

In Bali there is one of the most painful tradition. They saw off the tips of the bride and groom's teeth without any narcosis. It's done to be sure that they don't belong to the evil spirits.

The wedding ceremony should be lead by a young little girl in England for the bride to have happy life.

In India there is a great chance to conceive a healthy child in the first days after wedding. For three days after wedding ceremony the parents leave a stick plastered with sandalwwod pasta and covered by cloth in the bed between newly married couple. Then this stick is taken way because it is enough for alcohol to excrete from the groom's body.

In Germany the wedding bed should be prepared by a bride because they believe that it provides a happy married life in the future.

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