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Wedding in England

Snow-white bride’s dress, elegant groom’s dinner jacket, beautiful bouquet, blue ribbons, flowers in a great number, many-tier wedding pie  - these are essential attributes of the real English wedding ceremony, that became classic. If you are fond of a noble luxury of Europe and honor age-old traditions – English wedding will be absolutely unforgettable for you.


According to an old Victorian tradition, English bride must have something blue, something new, something old, something borrowed. Very often” something old” is a stocking garter. It is taken from some relative or friend who is happily married. “Something new” is groom’s wedding gift. “Something borrowed” is something given by the best friend. The tradition to have something blue actually came from the East. In Israel a bride braided her hair with a blue ribbon. It symbolized her faithfulness and purity. As we can see on photos today brides like wearing a blue garter with stylish ribbons and demonstrate this piquant thing to the photographers.

English wedding album is traditionally an object of the family pride and of competition as well. That’s why they pay much attention to the choice of a photographer and places for photo shoot. And the notion of beauty is basic one for English wedding ceremony. Everyone and everything on English wedding is beautiful, elegant and aristocratic.

Before the newlyweds there is always a little nice girl throwing the flowers. So she covers their way with flowers blessing them for a happy life and tender care to each other. The ceremony usually takes place in an ancient castle, some historical place or an elegant solemn hall.

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WE ARE THE RICHTERS · Alternative Destination Wedding Photo and Video
England, February 2018
Hey hey,
We are The Richters, Pol and Moni, an alternative destination wedding photographer and video team based In Berlin and frequently going to destination weddings in places like Spain or France, but also USA or Mexico. Proudly...
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