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Bridal Photoshoot in Hamburg
I am a fine art destination wedding photographer based in Hamburg.
I always strive for perfection and do anything that I can to show love between two soulmates who finally found each other in the best possible light.

Bridal Photoshoot in Hamburg

Beautiful bridal photoshoot that took place in in Hamburg, North Germany.

All the weddings are being cancelled because of Corona, so me and the make up artist Viktoriya Samanova decided to have fun and organised this photoshoot. Simply because we love what we do and it is a shame for a wedding photographer to spend the whole summer without taking pictures.

This time I wanted to try something new and went all the way in with the veil :) We were throwing it, I was photographing from beneath it. I really enjoyed this creative day and most importantly I enjoyed feeling myself as a photographer again :)
June, 2020