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Boho-chic wedding in Seychelles | Evelina Korn
I'm an experienced photographer who works all over the world. The next trip is planned for Seychelles during the period from 15 of August to 8 of September. Now I'm in Zanzibar.

Boho-chic wedding in Seychelles

A heartfelt and sunny wedding in the Seychelles, on which were the relatives and friends of the newlyweds (and this is a rarity for tropical weddings).

The bride and groom tried to make their wedding in the style of boho-chic, in my opinion they did it very well!

Do you want photos like these from your own wedding? - just write to me. I like to travel and work all over the world. I have a lot of experience in tropical countries. So I know all the features and will not fail you.

In July and August I photograph in Zanzibar. Please, book your dates in advance!
April, 2018