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Bence Panyoki
Brides & Grooms - Wedding Photography
Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In Milano, Italy
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Pre-Wedding photoshoot start price: 500 Euro

Wedding Photography start price:
1500 Euro

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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In Milano

We spent two fantastic days in Italy with a beautiful couple. We paid attention to take pictures at the most crowded venues without any tourists. So we had to planed when we went to these places. It wasn't so hard. :) We arrived before sunrise and there were no one around the Cathedral. But there were some doves... so we used our reflector to made them fly, around the couple. this was one of my favorite picture.
After we continued at marketplace where there was also no disturbing factor. Most of the pictures was made with use of flash for more special effect. I love these session!
August, 2018


16.01.2019 at 04:47, Dimitri Kuliuk

Looks so beautiful !!

16.01.2019 at 12:02, Bence Panyoki Brides & Grooms - Wedding Photography

Thank You very much Dimitri!