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Sri Lanka
Photoshoot in Australia | Native Tribe Studios Sri Lanka
Destination Wedding Photographer & Cinematographer in Sri Lanka yet willing to travel the world. Stress free documentary style Candid photographer. Pls send a personal message for inquiries.

Abie Dilshan | photoshoot in Australia

Make up and Hair: Sumi Subranayagam
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Abie & Dilshan chose us to do a romantic couple shoot in gardens and streets of Melbourne Australia.. This was their third year Anniversary but they were like newly weds, still..
Both of them has Sri Lankan roots yet born and bread in London and Melbourne. We felt like Abie definitely has the perfect shape to do run-a-ways! She looked amazing and they are truly a simple and down to earth couple..
We wish them love and happiness in years to come
April, 2017
Australia romantic photoshoot
Australia romantic photoshoot
Photographer in Australia
Photographer in Australia