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Photo shoots in Maldives

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Wedding at Paradise
Maldives, September 2017
Sunny Side of Life Maldives
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Marita and Stepan
Maldives, October 2017
Marita and Stepan came to the Maldives to celebrate the honeymoon. We split the photo session into 2 parts. The first part we decided to shoot at sunset, when the sun beautifully goes beyond the horizon, and the second part was shot at dawn, when...
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Wedding in maldives
Maldives, January 2017
Engagements & wedding sessions are so much fun and there is the best way for us get to know each other and get in front of the camera before the big day! It is very important for me to get know you learn as much as possible about you as a couple and your...
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Maldives October 2017 honeymoon
Maldives, October 2017
Very beautiful, young, cheerful, unrealistically energizing couple. They only recently got married and are on their honeymoon.
Alex leading the various activities, so he loves to be photographed, and his young beautiful wife Karina singer!...
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Maldivies august
Maldives, August 2017
Incredibly beautiful, sociable and cheerful guys who invited me for a photo shoot on their honeymoon.
Charming and very feminine Victori was fully prepared for the shoot, we had a few beautiful images and locations. For pictures on a big coral...
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Noorain's First
Maldives, May 2017
This was the most interesting day of the year, since started. It was awesome. I was asking myself who are gonna be meeting me at the location I confirmed. It was a nice day, around 4pm. I scouted a good location for them and informed them 90 minutes...
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Perfecto! A wedding in Maldives
Maldives, February 2016
"I choose you,
And i will choose you,
over and over and over.
without pause,
without a doubt,
in a heartbeat.
I will keep choosing you"
This is one of my favorite wedding photoshoots of the year 2016.
The weather so much perfect...
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Honeymoon photoshoot in Maldives
Maldives, April 2015
I am lucky. I was very lucky to work with these guys. They are models from Ukraine and this is their real honeymoon. Why lucky? Because I was planning to be on the Maldives for 3 days (flying under a certain wedding ceremony) and waiting for the next...
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Stacey + Christopher Destination Beach Wedding in Maldives
Maldives, January 2017
Stacey & Christophers destination Wedding in Maldives at Mirihi Island Resort,
Whether you said yes only last week or many years ago, Maldives is the perfect place to
renew those vows to each other in a romantic setting. At Mirihi, we offer...
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Vineet + Nivi Honeymoon in Maldives
Maldives, March 2017
Vineeth + Nivi in Maldives having some romantic Couple Activites which i advised them on the resort, The beaches and water activites are something Vineeth and Nivi Loved in Maldives
Review about my works in Maldives
The ultimate and most professinal...
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