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Jamaica: useful information for tourists

Visa to Jamaica: to obtain Jamaican visa for Russian citizens is not required. You can get it on arrival (upon presentation of documents and compliance with certain formalities). A visa is given for up to 30 days.

Required documents for visa to Jamaica: a valid passport, confirmed hotel booking, proof of sufficient financial resources, as well as return air ticket.

Before flying back it will also be required to pay the airport tax.

Time in Jamaica is behind Moscow for 8 hours.

The weather in Jamaica. What time of year is the best to go to Jamaica? The answer to this question is simple: at any time. The climate here is tropical with steady winds, moderate cloudiness and dry weather. The temperature in summer and winter is almost the same, an average 26 degrees above zero. Of course as in other tropical islands there are cyclones sometimes. 

The official language of Jamaica is English but the Jamaican lexicon is full of words from various African languages so that you can not always understand what you are said even if you know English very well.


The national currency of Jamaica is Jamaican Dollar (put into circulation in 1969 instead of the Jamaican pound), the U.S. dollar is almost on equal rights with it.

Voltage is 110 V, 50 Hz.

What you should see: Every day is a little holiday. But as this island is quite popular among tourists so the locals arrange some special festivals and celebrations to attract tourists.

One of the most famous festivals is a festival of reggae which we recommend visiting by fans of this music.

Lovers of exotic can find in Jamaica very unusual fruits: papaya, sweet and sour SOP, oranik, coals, breadfruit, and more.

And of course you should try the famous Jamaican rum and Jamaican coffee.

Jamaica is also famous for its opportunities for water sports: from diving to windsurfing.

And of course do not forget that you in Jamaica in the island of tranquility and eternal don't worry be happy, so just relax and have fun!

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