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Turkey photographer
Turkey photographer

Of course, everyone heard the saying about a Trojan horse, legends about Cassandra, the prophetess; a lot of people are interested in events in Iliad wondering if legendary Troy actually existed. Is it fiction or true?

Why Istanbul was in ancient times called Tsargrad? How did the lords of once powerful Ottoman Empire live? If you want to find answers to these questions you just have to visit Turkey. Just the opportunity to breathe the unforgettable scent of eternity is worth visiting the country. 

Even if you don’t aim to visit historical places, a trip to Turkey can certainly leave an indelible impression and a lot of pleasant emotions! How can it be otherwise? Turkey is a paradise with rich and various culture that has absorbed magic luxury of East and refined restraint of West. No wonder that having visited Turkey once, you want to come back all over again. And every time the country delights and charms you more and more with its incomparable beauty, unique combination of western and eastern traditions.


© Wedgo — a photographer in Turkey!