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Mauritius is situated in the middle of Indian Ocean near African coast. Newlyweds from all over the world are in love with the island because it’s a peaceful place for romantic travel.


The best places for holidays

Bay-o-Turtue is a turtle bay to the north of the island, one of the longest and most luxury resorts with ideal conditions for diving and paradisiacal although not so big snow-white beaches.

Trou aux Biches and Mon Choisy are resorts with French names which are much harder to pronounce and remember. There are endless beaches with squeaky clean sand here.

The places for party-goers and for those who like to go for shopping and then to rest in cozy restaurants are Pereybere and Grand-Bay.

Blue Bay is a paradise for surfers and divers. They say here is the most beautiful beach of Mauritius – Morne.

Morne-Brabant is a place of very beautiful sceneries, incredible lagoons, exotic nature of Mauritius and wonderful beaches.

Flick-en-Flack is a small Mauritius village that has already become a resort for divers. There are more than forty interesting places to dive (“Snake Swell”, San-Jack, four sunken ships and a row of underwater caves “Cathedral”). In 5 km there is a “Casela-Bird-Park” or bird reserve.


Thing to do on Mauritius

Firstly, there are different types of water sport from traditional surfing to kiting and diving! The best place is Le Morne. Here you can always find an interesting occupation. Waves for surfers can rise to 7 meters! For kiters the wind blows from May till December. A calm period is from January till April. If you are a beginner at kiting, the water at lagoon is shallow and it’s the best place for training.  

Secondly, you can go for deep-water fishing and fish blue marlin, barracuda and tuna. The best time for this is from November till April and from September till November. You can order fishing at your hotel. It costs nearly 400 Euro per half a day. You go by a special fishing boat into the open ocean where you can struggle against blue marlin. There is another option; it’s cheaper but not less interesting. If you speak fluent French you can bargain with local fishermen about a reasonable price for fishing.

Thirdly, it’s interesting to visit volcanoes and nature reserves of Mauritius. Almost all island is covered with sugarcane so moving from one place to another don’t worry - you won’t miss anything is you fall asleep. 

And fourthly, a small village Shamarel shows you wonderful waterfalls and natural phenomena - the ground of seven colors, Bel-Ombr sugarcane plantations and “23 color valley”. You’ll be admired seeing “Crying Rock” near Gree-Gree.