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Malaysia is famous to many people due to the photo of the biggest mosque in Asia or to the picture of the highest building in the world – Pertonas tower. Modern Malaysia charms and makes you fall in love with it…   

Visiting the country which is as beautiful as the orchids at the Taman Hegara Park, you want to come back all over again and open new sides of its culture and traditions. Every time you have chance to see new Malaysia. It could be futuristic sovereign of skyscrapers, mysterious mistress of untouched forests, a tender girl like waves that wash Saravaka and Sabaha – it doesn’t matter. Whatever Malaysia you see, every visit to this country is more and more interesting, exciting and unforgettable.

However, Malaysia is a fashion-conscious country. You can find everything you could desire here. Shopping is a wonderful journey. It's not only you but your friends and relatives enjoy visiting numerous souvenir shops. You can’t help buying lots of nice trinkets. Pictures that you take here bring you joy and pleasure for a long time.